GamesBeat: 5 of the best original games of 2012

Tired of licensed games and triple-A sequels, especially during the holiday season? Here are 5 five brand new, non-franchise, non-licensed video games worth your time and money.

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Lifeequals421796d ago

I need to check out about half of these.

MariaHelFutura1795d ago

Half of 5? That should be interesting. :P

Enemy1795d ago

Check out Journey, Mark of the Ninja, and half of Dishonored.

ATi_Elite1795d ago

I love that upside down baby mask thing! I gotta make that for next Halloween!!!

SybaRat1795d ago

Dishonored really puts me in the holiday spirit.

pandehz1795d ago

Start with Journey play all the others after that and then end your journey with Journey.