Dark Souls II Runs On A Brand New Engine

Details of the surprise Dark Souls II announcement have so far been scarce. We know that it's going to be released on the current generation of consoles, and that its dark, epic fantasy tone will match that of previous Souls games. I've been salivating for more, and thankfully further details surfaced in a new interview with 4gamer today.

Speaking to the Japanese site, From Software's Tomohiro Shibuya and Hidetaka Miyazaki touched on some of the questions that fans have been wondering about most, including the new engine, the direction that the story will take and the layout of Dark Souls II's world.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2099d ago

I wouldn't mind this being a next gen launch game.

Reibooi2098d ago

I wonder if this will be coming out on PC along with the other versions at launch. And if it does I really hope they give the PC version more love then they did with the original Dark Souls.

guitarded772098d ago

Don't know if it will at the same time, but From Soft have shown that they want to take Souls to a major multi-platform franchise. Did the PC version have problems? I haven't played it on PC... why does it need more love? I know a lot of people want it on Wii U since the gamepad would be good for menu navigation. The more people who experience Souls, the better IMO.

tubers2098d ago

Hacks and dupes are the easiest on the PC.

Reibooi2098d ago


The PC version was a straight port and didn't even support resolutions beyond what the consoles did. A mod had to be made to allow the game to even take advantage of the extra power the PC version could have used.

I want to see the game get the same attention that something like Borderlands 2 or Sleeping Dogs got. Lots of options and tweaking to get the game as smooth and pretty as can be. The original Dark Souls certainly didn't have that.

guitarded772098d ago

Cool... thank's for droppin' some knowledge on me. I really didn't know.

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Enemy2099d ago

Maybe this'll help improve the damn frame rate.

TopDudeMan2099d ago

Yeah, dat havok engine and it's movey-corpse physics was definitely not helping with that.

2099d ago
Mounce2099d ago

And hopefully it will help a bit with that Lag-backstabbing issue which can get fucking horrendous with the cheap deaths and how every PVP'er seeks not to have a good fucking fight, all they do is try to exploit every little second to get behind your back and not really attempt to use any skill in battle. HURRR BACKAACKAKABACKBACKBACKSTAB HNNNNG

-Orgasms if wins the fight. RAGE QUIT if dies and fails the backstab-technique-

Reverent2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Haha, you have no idea... When I first picked up Demon's Souls, I was running through the Storm Shrine (can't remember it's full name), I got invaded by the SAME guy like five times. He kept killing me with his Makato sword by stabbing me in the back even when he was clearly in front of me. I eventually gave up and just did some crystal gecko farming.

I love the Souls games; easily in my top 5 favorite games overall of this gen, but their netcodes could seriously use some work.

jetpacksheep2099d ago

I think learning from their PC version last time will allow them to make a much better port to PC this time round, hopefully the engine and graphics will shine in Dark Souls 2

Blastoise2099d ago

I hope the bodies still flail about. It was dumb, but since Demon's souls I've always kinda liked that :P

Kyosuke_Sanada2099d ago

I agree. Seeing a monster's weight reduce from hundreds of pounds to a feather in a single slash is always hilarious.

TopDudeMan2099d ago

Hey, I've lost loot because of it. :(

Blastoise2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )


"there goes a titanite chunk I'll never see again"

pixelsword2099d ago

lol right!

*kills a dragon*

Oh, boy! Now I just have to get close enough to collect!

*flips off of a cliff*


HarryMasonHerpderp2099d ago

That should totally be a meme lol

-MD-2099d ago

Hopefully they don't have to rely on a fan to fix their PC version this time around.

TopDudeMan2099d ago

I couldn't care less. Dark souls is just not a keyboard and mouse game. I didn't even attempt to play it with that. I just put my 360 controller right in on straight off the bat in the PC version.

If you want to play it KB+M, then there'll be a fix out for it anyway.

Skate-AK2099d ago

I think he means it being 60 FPS and 1080p. Instead of 720 and 30 FPS like it was at launch for PC.

Brownghost2099d ago

hes talking about the graphical fix.

MrAnderson2099d ago

He's talking about the frame rate and resolution, you derp.

SilentNegotiator2099d ago

It's beyond sad that people have low enough standards to hit disagree.

Simple options should be a given.

HarryMasonHerpderp2099d ago

I'm sure the PC version will turn out better this time.
Seems like they didn't have enough time and resources with the original Dark Souls port and probably weren't expecting a fan petition for their game.

Murad2098d ago

Well didn't they state that they never made a PC title before or something, and that this was their first time? So, they let the fan base give people better speed, and better graphics?

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