GDC 08: New Crisis Core: FFVII video in English

A new video of Square Enix's Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII's North American version was shown off at the GDC. This one is 3:25 minutes long, and features a cut-scene and battle system footage.

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superman3947d ago

I'll have god of war to hold me till then

heyheyhey3947d ago

it's looking good

i hope they use a similar combat system in FF13

Dmack793947d ago

I'm not saying that this isn't good. It's awesome. I'm just sure that FF13 will probably perfect this. It kinda reminds me Dynasty Warriors.

collinwshaw3947d ago

This is the reason I bought my PSP at Christmas. After having thought that FFXII battle system was the best ever, this seems to be a great step in the right Direction. I am so excited for this game.

gololo3947d ago

i wish they had Japanese voices and english subs...I hate the english voice like watching naruto in english sigh...
leaving the voice acting aside...this game will totally rock...can't wait to find out more about the whole FFVII saga