GamesIndustry.Biz: No Hollow Victory - Blu-Ray triumphs over HD-DVD - and not a moment too soon

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: Although ostensibly a Toshiba-backed format, HD-DVD's most staunch ally in the past year has been Microsoft. Its HD-DVD add-on for the Xbox 360 accounts for around a third of total sales of HD-DVD players, and there have been credible reports that the format's studio support was being propped up by co-marketing deals funded from Microsoft's expansive purse.

Microsoft's objective in all of this was simply to prolong the agony of the high-definition format war. Divide and conquer has been a strategy that has served Microsoft well over the years, and its ambitions with regard to high definition content are very clear.

It's not fair, perhaps, to say that Microsoft's gambit has failed. If Blu-Ray had become established a year earlier, it would have been a serious blow to the Xbox 360, and to Microsoft's ambitions both in downloads and in videogames.

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ravinash3925d ago

There are two things needed to really make downloads sales take off...
1. Fast broadband 25mps+ standard in most countries.
2. cheaper storage, and mean a lot of storage.

Average drives these days can very be between 350GB to 1TB. the average person (non IT people) hasn't invested that much money into these drives and probably don't think they need it yet. Also, what are the devices that you can download into...your Xbox 360??...look how much you have to pay for that hard drive. And what happens when you want to keep the movie.
If you can you would probably want to burn a copy to disk, but then if you do that, you might as well buy the movie on disk.

This is why I think Disk storage will be round for at lest another 10 years.

SaiyanFury3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Agreed wholeheartedly. Even IF you have bandwidth advertised at 25 mbps, chances are the connection you have is "up to" 25mbps, meaning that even if your ISP says it's capable of that speed, most of the time you're seeing speeds of maybe about half that. And the whole music scene moving from CD to downloads was largely driven by Napster and other P2P downloading services in which downloading the music was free, vs CDs that averaged 15-20 dollars per disc. I largely prefer disc-based media, but am not against digital downloads. Of course, I'm one of those few people with a wireless N-based home network that's capable of streaming 1080p HD content. But as for the bandwidth thing, until there becomes unified national (Canada, US, or other country) highspeed infrastructure-based internet, digital downloads simply aren't feasible. Hell, in this day and age of North America ISP monopolies, do you even want to think about what that kind of bandwidth would cost?

longduckdong3925d ago

no scratches because of coating on disc is great. I no worry now.

pkb793925d ago

If downloads where going to replace movies any time soon music downloads ,which have been around for years, would already have replaced CD's. You can still buy them.
The major retailers still have alot of say and are not going to be left out when it comes to movies sales. They are not going to lose millions a year so microsoft can make more money. A lot of people like have a collection of movies. The lord of the ring box set is not going to look the same on a windows folder as it does on a shelf.

bung tickler3925d ago

yeah you might but lots and lots more don't... people said the same thing about cd's "well i like to have the disk bla bla bla" and now look at everyone with thier fancy ipods and whatnots... DLC is already here... it's only a matter of time before its the #1 way to get your movies.

pangitkqb3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Is spot on. High-Def downloads are going to slowly gain ground, and Blu-ray will never reach the height of DVD, but it will still be a very important format and Sony is going to make a bundle.
Blu-ray is a fantastic format (I own four Blu-ray movies) and I plan on creating a sizeable collection. Tip of the hat to Sony for coming out of nowhere and gaining some serious victories.