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5 Things I Want From Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Gary Swaby of TheKoalition.com writes: A few months back Square Enix announced a third entry into the FFXIII series, and this time Lightning returns to take the lead once more. It will be interesting to see how things turn out with Lightning being the only playable character, I’m sure it will make epic boss battles that much more intense.

With that being said, here are 5 things I want from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

Godmars290  +   846d ago
"5 Things I Want From Lightning Returns"
1) Final Fantasy Versus
2) Final Fantasy Versus
3) Final Fantasy Versus
4) Final Fantasy Versus
5) Final Fantasy Versus

Wait no. That's what I want out of Square. Not that I don't have any faith in it or them at this point.
-Mika-  +   846d ago
Do you feel better now? Was there any point in coming in this article to make that comment. This might come as a surprise to you but there are people out there that actually like the ff13 series. So when us ff13 fans click on an article. We don't want to read a bunch of negative comments that doesn't add anything to the discussion. So plz, if you don't have anything positive to say. Don't waste your time writing a comment.
Godmars290  +   846d ago
As I've been told in the comments of another article, there's something called free speech and an opinion. Sorry, but you're just going to have to deal.

And its suppose to be "Final Fantasy" series. Not "Final Fantasy 13" series.
j-blaze  +   846d ago
"us ff13 fans"

you said your game of the year is Far Cry 3...umm FFXIII-2 released this year remember? you didn't even mention that game...some thinks it's cool to pretend something they aren't...pathetic
Eamon  +   846d ago
Yeah lol, so there are two fan bases here. The Final Fantasy Series fans and the Final Fantasy XIII Series fans.

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Rex_Aeternae  +   846d ago
@Godmars290 yes the final fantasy series does exist (even if everybody seemingly hates it after XIII) but this article is talking about Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns. So it falls under the category of the XIII series (here's the definition in case you don't understand http://dictionary.reference... so there is no need to talk about something that doesn't relate to this article. I know I'm not by responding to you but it is necessary
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   846d ago
Here's my 5 wants for Lightning Returns:FFXIII... I hope you enjoy...

5) For It To Be A Good Game

** I hope this game is a good game for a change.. **

4)An Actual World That We Can Actually Explore

** FF13 was a linear piece of turd. What kind of JRPG is that? I can't believe people defend that trash. I give SE credit for actually listening to people's complaints and making FF13-2 more open, but we need that FF7 openness please. **

3)A Real Time Battle System And It Has To Be Good

** The game was rumored to have one similar to Versus 13, but the trailer doesn't appear to have it and it didn't look good either. **

2)A Great Story

** FF13 and FF13-2 lacked this badly("to be continued" lol? They gave us an unfinished game in 13-2 lmao). **

1) --- For It To Flop Both Critically And Commercially ---

** Even if all the above comes true, I would still want this game to flop. Square Enix needs a good lesson. Give us the game we want and don't make the games we don't want. **
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Ranma1   846d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
zerocrossing  +   846d ago
Man do miss the good ol days, Square where amazing developers pushing out breathtaking masterpieces, and now... just what went wrong? Oh yeah... Wada.
rainslacker  +   846d ago
I think I'm going to start going into every Versus article and say how much I love 13-3 and can't wait for it to come out. Wouldn't that be annoying?
Godmars290  +   846d ago
You're more than welcome to so, but you might want to ask why you're so defensive and annoyed about the game being criticized in the first place. If you like it that's all that should really matter.

If I or others question such judgement when you or others get become instantly devoted to something you only know of by name, and sometimes not even that, maybe that's something you should ask yourself too.

I still think that 13-2 and 13-3 were in planning before 13 itself was finished. That 13's production was such a mess that they only bulldozed ahead plans to salvage something from the mess, only to then fail to realize that they made it worse.

I'm also more than certain that vs13 is under the same production curse because it was conceived at the same time. That Square announced too much, blundered ahead and now have too much pride to simply come clean admit defeat and start over. Also since in the ensuing backlash Wada would most certainly be fired he'd rather just keep going and drag the whole company down with him.

All that said, I agree with you on all points save #1. Despite my feelings toward 13-3 if there's a demo and its decent enough I might actually buy the game.

But the demo's going to have to be very decent...
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rainslacker  +   846d ago
I'm not defending it. I'm asking that if you don't like this game, stop commenting over and over again with the same comments in all the articles. If you want to criticize the game then fine, I'll listen, and respond objectively to that criticism.

But, read your first post that I responded to. What part of that was criticizing this game? What did you offer to the discussion?

Just to set something straight based on that 2nd paragraph, I was not instantly devoted to this game. I in fact was very skeptical about it, but the information that has been released to date, and now this trailer, has increased my interest in it. I take every game announcement with a grain of salt, even those from developers I trust the most to make a good game. At the same time I don't go bashing a game because of that skepticism, and I certainly don't do it to games I have no interest in.

You know what I do if I have concerns for a game, or the direction a company takes? I go to their forums and bring it up there. The reason is is because that is the best and most direct way for them to see what their fans want, and to make an actual impact on how they produce their products. Bickering over anything on a random forum on the internet achieves nothing but to inflate your own ego, and spread misinformation in some ill-guided attempt at making a difference among others.

I know you, personally, have made very well thought out observations and criticisms in the past here on N4G. I find myself agreeing with you as often as I disagree. But the way you, personally, act on this thread just makes you look like a troll.

The ones I don't even notice are the ones who instantly latch onto something, and they are becoming so pervasive in general, that it's becoming annoying, so I speak out.
xflo360  +   846d ago
what i want is them to stop making awful games that nobody wants and start making classics again...
rbailey  +   846d ago
Yeah Final Fantasy Versus should be coming out next year but the fact that this game is coming out instead makes me think it won't.
Rex_Aeternae  +   846d ago
The truth of the matter is that there are different people working on the two games. So, there shouldn't be that much of an effect on versus that this game is coming out next year
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This game better be good. For their sake. Square can't afford to continue on this path of mediocrity.
silkrevolver  +   846d ago
I don't care that Square is putting resources into this game... but I swear to God, if they divert the attention of the team making Verses ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME...

...I'm going to lose it.
(And write a strongly worded letter)
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   846d ago
I want:
1.closure in a satisfying ending
2.solid gameplay

This game is happening get over it. what is the use of constantly bashing it? SE is still gonna make it regardless. I know Versus isnt out yet but, the Sooner LR:XIII gets out most of SE focus should be on Versus. If u dont want to buy it dont. But constant whining WILL NOT HELP.
The Rock Bottom  +   846d ago
Funny thing...people defending 13-2 said the same thing about bashing it. Saying that the sooner 13-2 comes out we can move on to VS...but...look what happened. We end up getting 13-3. So please...spare me, dude...
Jag-T1000  +   846d ago
I would like:
1. new monsters + weapons
2. Hot bikini outfits for Lightning.
3. for Lightning to smile

That's what I want.
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rbailey  +   846d ago
Square Enix isnt all bad... Tomb Raider,and Deus Ex were great titles they published. Alot of fans fully support the Final Fantasy series whether its flawed or not. Therefore, I don't see how this could be hated on so much.
TheMutator  +   846d ago
i just want one and is the end of this mediocre trilogy
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