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Interview: Shigeru Miyamoto on Wii U's future

For the last 25 years Mario has been the most recognisable face in video gaming, thanks largely to the persistent genius of his original creator, Shigeru Miyamoto. (Shigeru Miyamoto, Wii U)

squallsoft  +   854d ago
Translation sucks.
Kennytaur  +   854d ago
And yet, perfectly understandable.
Knushwood Butt  +   854d ago
I'll take a wild stab.

They'll drag existing IPs kicking and screaming onto the Wii U and that controller with the screen on it. They'll continue to milk them to death.

Then, third parties will soon give up trying because only the first party games sell, and if they make Wii U games they have to be exclusive because of that controller. As such, they stick to multiplats.
mcstorm  +   854d ago
Who is to say that Sony and MS will not do the same with there next console by putting a screen on there controller?

People are to quick to jump before they know what's going to happen in the industry.
Knushwood Butt  +   854d ago
Maybe you're right.

Gran Turismo 6 - touch the secondary controller for... Nah
TemplarDante  +   854d ago
"secondary controller"
its just wifi streaming content unto a device with a screen.
Contrary to Nintendo doctrine, it isnt powered by stardust and pikmin alien technology.
It is as cheap and hollow as it feels. Cheap and hollow is Nintys gimic since the Wii in 2006 anyway.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   853d ago
MS have smartglass now, so really there wouldn't need to be any rational reason to add cost to the 720 by putting a screen on the controller.
mcstorm  +   851d ago
I really love you gamers who are blind. dident gt5 have support for using the psp as a rear view mirror? cant you watch playtv or videos on the psp/psv from your ps3.

yes msdo have smartglass now but why not put it on there next controller to?

i really do think we are going to have alot of people up in arms come sony and microsofts next e3 when they show off there next console and it only has 1gb of ramand a processor not much more powerful than the wiiu and a screen in the controller.

im not saying they will copy nintendo but look at kinect + a wiiu remote or eye toy.

i maybe wrong but i dont see both sony or ms selling there next console for more than £350 when it comes out because of the way the industry is at the moment.
Kennytaur  +   854d ago
It's not really milking though. There's only one or two games per franchise on each hardware. They would do well to create some new IPs to go with the old trust ones. And Nintendo always make big differences in their games between generations.

Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Madden, Fifa and to a mild extent;Halo, are being milked. Yet, they're still great games.
RETLAWx10  +   853d ago
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esemce  +   854d ago
What future?
hduce  +   854d ago
Back under your bridge troll.
Kos-Mos  +   854d ago
The western counterparts should take notice of how you should act as human.
TemplarDante  +   854d ago
Let me guess :)
Ninty PR 101

"We love families. We will bring you
Luigis mansion
And you will feel happy :)

Like you did with the Gamecube, as our lineup is the same with better gfx each time :)
Feel happy, fuzzy and warm inside when purchasing the Wii U :)

P.S : Ipad's and anything else that distracts you from buying a Wii U is from the devil."

One only has to use Google and see the reality of the Wii U.
Ninty are doing a routine of artificial stock constraints the UK and certain online retailers (Amazon).
The demand has dropped prematurely.
Reggie, Im sure is having sleepness nights, sad for him, the dude does need his beauty sleep.
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josephayal  +   854d ago
The Last
I don't know which future awaits the Wii U
zerocrossing  +   854d ago
Oh look the doom trolls are back fancy that.

Nintendo is a breath of fresh air when compared to Sony and MS imo.

People may not like them since they went mostly casual market with the Wii, but they have some of the best 1st party titles and at least try to be innovative, also if Nintendo where to just compete using the same business model as Sony and MS they may not still be around.

We need Nintendo, the whole gaming industry would be bland and boring without them.
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hduce  +   854d ago
I guess these f.a.g.s (fanboys aren't gamers) have nothing better to do than troll and wait for every Nintendo article to come up so they can start bashing. I don't get it. If you hate a system or a company, why even read and comment on the article being written on them?
hduce  +   853d ago
Surprise, surprise.... One of the trolls actually disagreed with me.
RETLAWx10  +   853d ago
Don't you just wanna beat xboxlive out them
hduce  +   853d ago
I can only dream my friend.
MizTv  +   854d ago
If they released a new metroid prime I will get the wiiu
ronin4life  +   853d ago
Is the "nintendo does nothing new/over uses the same games" fallacy STILL not dead yet?

What's truly funny is the hypocrosy... if ps4 launched this year with an UC game and the Vita got another one, as manyvrumors suggest, that would be 4 UC games in 2 years... the same amount as Mario in the same timeframe. And no one on this site would complain or see the irony.

Not to mention the positive reactions I've already seen to potential games such as:
GT 6
GOW 4(Or whatever number they have managed to make it to from the end of one gen to another...)
UC 4
KIillzone sequels

(And that's not to ignore MS... but they don't get away with it around here as easily AND they have fewer franchises to do it with anyway...)

So, please, cut it out. You are only spewing Bull.
madjedi  +   853d ago
The newest significant franchise is pikiman a gamecube era game, your can argue sony and ms do sequels also the problem is they also have alot of new ips this generation. Whereas nintendo maybe has 1 which is a continuation of a ps1 series.

Nintendo relys too heavily on it's older franchises, that haven't progressed past the 90's. And does not build new ones.

"We need Nintendo, the whole gaming industry would be bland and boring without them." Umm no when nintendo was the king of the hill we saw them drag the feet on technology advances. Sony forced them to adapt after it stole their market share.

Right so because we don't worship nintendo like you guys do we are trolls, fanboys don't like it when you shatter their illusion that their favorite console maker isn't perfect.

Who is just now starting to take online gaming and social gaming seriously, remind me if it's not too much trouble.

Bland and boring that pretty much sums up nintendo as a whole for me atm, we are allowed to express our opinions here, even if it isn't a positive one. If that renders me a troll, then don't discuss gaming with anybody other than fellow nintendo zealots.
hduce  +   853d ago
You are trolls because you find every Nintendo article and spread your message of hate. Find something constructive to do like finding a girlfriend, go to the gym, etc.

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