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Submitted by bggriffiths 1141d ago | review

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Review [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: As an overall package, the game is reasonable value for money, but the clumsy connection options between the PS3 and Vita are very off-putting. The actual fighting is best enjoyed with local multiplayer and can be quite fun before the cramp sets in. The stupid points system that only rewards you points via Specials breaks the game though and is a poor choice on the developer’s part. Patch in some regular health-bar options for an extra mode and we might be back for more. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3) 6/10

j-blaze  +   1141d ago
great review, i would probably give it the same or even lower...the game was disappointing
danthegardner  +   1141d ago
Troll Harder
Kran  +   1141d ago
how is he trolling if its his honest opinion?
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   1141d ago

It's most likely not his honest opinion. j-blaze didn't get to one bubble because of his immense love for playstation games.
trouble_bubble  +   1141d ago
comment histories, PMs, 51 ignores. It is what it is unfortunately.
chela  +   1141d ago
dont kick sony drones dude, they got this crap or wonderbook for xmas. they sad enough
bggriffiths  +   1141d ago
Yeah, it's not been the best Xmas for Sony. At least there's some good third-party stuff to enjoy. Some good exclusive titles ahead next year too.

Think Activision made a pact with Nintendo to sink the Vita by making that awful Black Ops: Declassified. Makes me sad just thinking about playing that game again.
DigitalRaptor  +   1140d ago
Yet again. You haven't played the game. We all know you haven't and you told me in a PM that you "only played the demo" which counts for nothing. Do yourself a favour and quit your trolling before it gets you banned.
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1141d ago
"The stupid points system"

Gaming journalism at its finest...
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MizTv  +   1141d ago
This game kicks ass
And I will wick your ass so bad with raiden
You will continue to hate this game
Reverent  +   1141d ago
Raiden is so awesome. I can't believe people actually claim he's a cheap character. I play with him, and I struggle to build AP with him against friends or online, his Supers are fairly difficult to kill with, even if you branch into them through a combo. Honestly, I actually play A LOT better with Good Cole and Radec, yet Raiden is still my favorite character in the game.
freezola75  +   1141d ago
PASBR is a great game.. I respect the reviewer's opinion. But I play that game alot! It's very fun to play especially with friends. They still have to work out some online issues.. but overall, it's a very decent attempt at melee fighters. Ending isn't so great but then again, very few fighting games have good endings. It also has room for expansion I can't wait to play that Heavenly Sword level. New characters being added is cool too. Keeps me coming back.. peace
ayabrea93  +   1141d ago
I was pleasantly surprised by allstars but the combat seems to be very hit and miss for some. I think this is a good start to what could be a phenomenal series with more time and money :)
freezola75  +   1141d ago
The thing for me was picking a character and sticking to them. After a while I started to understand the combo system/evade/counter. I'm still learning but SuperBot was serious when they said that they wanted to make a fun but competitive fighter. The combos and counters make it easier to build AP so there is still a little learning curve to it. It's not just a button mashing game.

The one thing I want to know is, how do I unlock titles? I don't get it and I play ranked games alot. I see some of yall with titles under your avy/background.... but how did you earn them? Thanks, Peace
ayabrea93  +   1141d ago
yeah I found I enjoyed the game more when i stuck to a character and learnt the combos and supers timing. so it's fat princess for me right now and then I'll probably play as Kat once she comes out :)

I'm not sure how to get titles, I think they might be unlocked at the end of a season or something depending on what belt you've got :) I never got them last season so I'm hoping I do this time
MizTv  +   1141d ago
You get them at the end if the season
I think there is like 12 days left
prototypeknuckles  +   1141d ago
i like that how when someone gives this game a low score the fanboys just think your trolling, could it occur to you that the game isnt actually that good, sure you may like it but its 2012, the game feels so 2005.
MasterCornholio  +   1141d ago
People have no idea what a troll review is.

Now this is a real troll review.

"Of course, the gameplay is what matters — let’s pretend we all believe that for the sake of the rest of this review — and here again, you’re pretty much playing a Super Smash Bros. clone minus Nintendo’s unhinged Japanese creativity and minus the fundamentals of the Super Smash gameplay. This isn’t obvious at first. Each all-star has a manageable handful of moves, some of which are admittedly cute, most of which presumably fit into a sense of meaningful fighting game balance, and almost all of which wear out their welcomes after a couple of matches.
Why isn’t this the case with Super Smash Bros., a game that also has a small handful of moves for each character (and a colorful manual that documents most of the characters)? What’s going on in Nintendo’s game that’s missing in Sony’s game, and why does it matter so much?"


Motorola RAZR i
dkgshiz  +   1141d ago
The reviewer probably got his ass dominated online and could never even super anyone. Anal pained reviewer me thinks. This game actually takes a bit of skill if you plan to play it online so be warned.
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FunAndGun  +   1141d ago
That is why most people are quick to dismiss it. They play for 30 mins, get murderized, don't understand how the super system works, say it is unbalanced, and then complain.

some people just need the easy button for everything.
Reverent  +   1141d ago
How the hell did you get 4 disagrees? Someone must be angry with you.
MizTv  +   1141d ago
That's what happened to me when I first started playing online
So I played against 2 hardest lvl Radic and drake go my ass kicked but now I'm badass
Love this game
TuxedoMoon  +   1141d ago
This game was mediocre and failed to actually celebrate the history of Playstation like what Smash bros melee and brawl did. The concept of all these characters coming together was just very poor. The rival cutscenes were cool, but they should've done a lot more with it. The final boss being something barely anyone remembers? Why not use a remixed-boss (like giga bowser for example) from another game?

The levels, IMO, were just alright. My favorite being the Uncharted/Bioshock one.

I agree 1000% that the combat scoring system sucks. You can get hit with a long combo, but as long as you avoid the final special attack, you're fine. What? In any other fighting game, the more damage taken/less HP you have, the more urgency players have to avoid more and more attacks because those light attacks can now kill you. You don't need to see high-level play to see that everyone feels that urgency of near death in every other fighting game.

"Stop comparing it to smash bros. They are 2 different games!"

They used Smash bros as a template and Smash bros is the closest relative to Sony all-stars. So it's really hard not to compare it to Smash bros. As a first try, All-stars isn't that bad of a fall. They tried to make a pure competitive game, and IMO, they failed. Why? Because fighting games ARE COMPETITIVE NO MATTER WHAT! As long as there's a 2 player or more mode (vs/Non-co-op), it's competitive. Smash bros (series) was meant to be a party game, but people clearly play it competitively.

A 6/10 is a little lower than what I'd personally give it, but this game is no where near 8.5~10/10 material. It has too many negatives going to for it. My major negative being its main gimmick; that only specials kill people.
FunAndGun  +   1141d ago
^^ Someone doesn't understand the Super system. ^^

It's OK, learning to adapt to a new system that is far more complex then a health bar is not for everyone.

There are plenty of other fighters (all of them) that you simple minded folk can play which involve health bars.

A new skillful fighting system THAT IS DIFFERENT and ORIGINAL from EVERY OTHER FIGHTER is obviously not for you.
smashcrashbash  +   1141d ago
Yawn.Gamers are so anal these days. People make such harsh judgements on PASBR and won't shut up about comparing it to SSB. There were so many games like SSB before and after it existed and no one made such a big deal about them. But as soon as Sony makes anything that is even similar to anyway to anything Microsoft or Nintendo makes insecure people have to make sure a tear it a new one or they won't be able to sleep at night.I listened to years of how UC2 'copied' Gear of War and now i have to listen to another ten years of how PASBR is not like SSB and if it was more like SSB I would have to listen to another twenty years of how Sony like to copy everything that Nintendo does. But if they try anything new or radical people tear that apart too or try to completely ignore it. No one blinked an eyelash when Nintendo made SSB based on so many ideas developers had before it.Most people who cry about PASBR are just upset that it didn't fail as badly as they thought it would the people who said the most it will get is a 5 and that the super system wouldn't work etc.It is a game with a few flaws that can be addressed in the future but 5s and 6s? Please.Obviously you didn't actually play the game.
SDF Repellent  +   1141d ago
Still waiting to buy a PS3 exclusive since Uncharted 3. Unlike 2011, This year has been a dud for Sony. I am pretty sure All-Stars: Battle Royale is a decent game but it is not Super Smash Brothers. Looking forward to the Last of Us in May.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1141d ago
we have like 5 exclusive goty games. you must be joking.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1141d ago
What 5 are those. I am pretty sure uncharted 2 is the only one.

Unless you are counting the small irrelevant sites. Maybe then you might have uncharted 3 and God of war 3 but I would only go so far as saying 3 tops and that's stretching. Multiplat ruled this Gen whether you like it or not.
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trouble_bubble  +   1141d ago
@SDF Repellant/ Streetsof Rage

Bad year? Dud?

Journey just won IGN's GOTY. Exclusive MLB12 The Show has the same meta avg as MS flagship Halo4. Even the best HD re-issue of the year, Move enabled Okami (90% critical avg) is an exclusive.

Conversely, two Fable games critically -bombed- this year (Fable the Journey, Fable Heroes), Witcher2 and Forza Horizons didn't sell. Alan Wake's American Nightmare came and went just like its predecessor. No one console ran away with anything, which is why boasting about taking a year off from multi-console gaming seems ill-advised.

@ Lvl_up_Gamer
Dude, really? Journey just won IGN's GOTY. They a small site? Demon's Souls won several awards including GOTY from Gamespot. LittleBigPlanet won tons of GOTYs including from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Heavy Rain cleaned up at the BAFTAs, Uncharted cleaned up everywhere. Where ya been?
#10.2 (Edited 1141d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1141d ago
Did you just compare the meta of a sports title to a FPS?

That has got to be one of the most pathetic comparisons I have ever read.

Yes Journey won GOTY on IGN, while Spike gave it to The walking dead. Journey only got it because they wanted to give a shoutout to indy devs seeing as how The walking dead got GOTY by Spike.

Anyone who actually thinks Journey (a 2 hour game with zero replayability, basic textures and graphics, no dialog and an ending that has no real purpose other then to get to a finish line)is the ultimate game released this year over titles like Mass Effect 3, Halo 4, Assassins Creed 3 and Borderlands 2 are just delusional.

This was the year where big sites like IGN and SPIKE to give credit and hardwork to devs and to open up a larger market for more Indy devs.

It's the "trendy" thing to do this year. But don't kid yourself if you think Journey was the greatest game released this year. It's a great game and I enjoyed it a lot, but it was as basic as a game can get.
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trouble_bubble  +   1140d ago
Fact is you said you were stretching to think of 3 award winners and I gave you 5, not even counting your GodofWar shout out. A good game is a good game, they're all comparable on that level. Give credit where it's due.

On that note, don't "buh buh buh" about Journey, calling ppl delusional. They did something without pew pew guns or blood and succeeded. Even got a Grammy nod out of it. Of your nominees, Halo 4 will be remembered for its souless Doritos/Mountain Dew campaigns and Geoff Keighley. Fact is a lot of ppl were disappointed in AC3 & ME3 too, or do you not remember the negative backlash which culminated in ppl leaving BioWare? ME3 rewrote the book on damage control.
StreetsofRage  +   1141d ago
Bingo! I haven't touched my ps3 since street fighter tekken and before that uncharted 3. Oh well, glad to be a dual console owner so the other can take over when one has a bad year.

5 exclusive goty? Lol!
Hicken  +   1141d ago
What PS3?
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1141d ago
The one he hasn't touched since street fighter tekken and before that uncharted 3.

He says it right there in his comment:

"I haven't touched my ps3 since street fighter tekken and before that uncharted 3"

How did you miss that? Sheesh.
Rockefellow  +   1141d ago
The reviewer thinks health bars would fix the game? Maybe try approaching it as it's own entity, rather than comparing it to other fighters, and realize that throwing a health bar in the mix would be a huge detriment to the balance of the game.

There might be some other points in there of merit, but it's such a poorly-written review I didn't bother finishing it. Try Gamespot's review for some comparable, well-articulated criticism.

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