PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Review [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: As an overall package, the game is reasonable value for money, but the clumsy connection options between the PS3 and Vita are very off-putting. The actual fighting is best enjoyed with local multiplayer and can be quite fun before the cramp sets in. The stupid points system that only rewards you points via Specials breaks the game though and is a poor choice on the developer’s part. Patch in some regular health-bar options for an extra mode and we might be back for more.

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j-blaze1982d ago

great review, i would probably give it the same or even lower...the game was disappointing

Kran1982d ago

how is he trolling if its his honest opinion?

deep_fried_bum_cake1982d ago


It's most likely not his honest opinion. j-blaze didn't get to one bubble because of his immense love for playstation games.

trouble_bubble1982d ago

comment histories, PMs, 51 ignores. It is what it is unfortunately.

chela1982d ago

dont kick sony drones dude, they got this crap or wonderbook for xmas. they sad enough

bggriffiths1982d ago

Yeah, it's not been the best Xmas for Sony. At least there's some good third-party stuff to enjoy. Some good exclusive titles ahead next year too.

Think Activision made a pact with Nintendo to sink the Vita by making that awful Black Ops: Declassified. Makes me sad just thinking about playing that game again.

DigitalRaptor1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Yet again. You haven't played the game. We all know you haven't and you told me in a PM that you "only played the demo" which counts for nothing. Do yourself a favour and quit your trolling before it gets you banned.

HarryMasonHerpderp1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

"The stupid points system"

Gaming journalism at its finest...

MizTv1982d ago

This game kicks ass
And I will wick your ass so bad with raiden
You will continue to hate this game

Reverent1982d ago

Raiden is so awesome. I can't believe people actually claim he's a cheap character. I play with him, and I struggle to build AP with him against friends or online, his Supers are fairly difficult to kill with, even if you branch into them through a combo. Honestly, I actually play A LOT better with Good Cole and Radec, yet Raiden is still my favorite character in the game.

freezola751982d ago

PASBR is a great game.. I respect the reviewer's opinion. But I play that game alot! It's very fun to play especially with friends. They still have to work out some online issues.. but overall, it's a very decent attempt at melee fighters. Ending isn't so great but then again, very few fighting games have good endings. It also has room for expansion I can't wait to play that Heavenly Sword level. New characters being added is cool too. Keeps me coming back.. peace

ayabrea931982d ago

I was pleasantly surprised by allstars but the combat seems to be very hit and miss for some. I think this is a good start to what could be a phenomenal series with more time and money :)

freezola751982d ago

The thing for me was picking a character and sticking to them. After a while I started to understand the combo system/evade/counter. I'm still learning but SuperBot was serious when they said that they wanted to make a fun but competitive fighter. The combos and counters make it easier to build AP so there is still a little learning curve to it. It's not just a button mashing game.

The one thing I want to know is, how do I unlock titles? I don't get it and I play ranked games alot. I see some of yall with titles under your avy/background.... but how did you earn them? Thanks, Peace

ayabrea931982d ago

yeah I found I enjoyed the game more when i stuck to a character and learnt the combos and supers timing. so it's fat princess for me right now and then I'll probably play as Kat once she comes out :)

I'm not sure how to get titles, I think they might be unlocked at the end of a season or something depending on what belt you've got :) I never got them last season so I'm hoping I do this time

MizTv1982d ago

You get them at the end if the season
I think there is like 12 days left

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