The next console generation

Super Wii, Xbox 3, Playstation 4. When they will be launched and what they will be like. This article analyses the future of home gaming console hardware.

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LaChance3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

I think that if the xbox 3 comes out 2 years before the PS4 , its the end for Sony.They are surving the one year head start the 360 had but are not even close to doing what the ps2 did and it looks like that will never happen again.
After seeing all the harm the 360 did with only a one year head start just imagine what the xbox 3 will do with two years head start.We will have to say goodbye to Sony.They will never be able to comeback.
XBOX 3= PS2 of the futur.
The ps3 wont have 10 year lifespan : In Europe the PS2 cameout 6 years after the PS1 and the PS3 cameout six years after the PS2.Its just not in Sony's habits to carry on with the same console for a decade.
Anyways I might be wrong but I think a 2 year head start would be fatal for the PS4.

Babylonian3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

For your record, the PS1 was discontinued after the release of the PS3 meaning that the console came out in 1995 and thus had a lifespan of 10 years. The PS2 is still being supported and will be until the release of the PS4.

See Sony is not like Microsoft, they don't just abondon their instalbase and go on with their next system. It's doesn't create trust and definantly after such a short time.

Another thing that you said is that the PS3 will not come close to what the PS2 is doing, then please explain why after looking at the statistics we see that the PS3 is growing and selling faster than the PS2 did.

A year head start for Microsoft didn't even make a differance to begin with, as we see that the PS3 OUTSOLD the 360 in 2007. I mean it outsold the 360 in the year that it had it's major releases (Halo 3 to name one). Now it's supposed to be the year of the PS3, so guess what will happen this year? Excatly PS3 taking over the Xbox 360.

I think if Microsoft were to repeat what they did with the last Xbox, meaning that they abondon all support for the Xbox 360, they are in big trouble. Because not only will consumers lose trust in them but also developers. Same thing happened with Sega.

So If you come with arguements agian. Check their validity.

Ben10543949d ago

you sure proved him wrong, lol

The Warmonger3949d ago

He foresaw the conclusive victory of blu ray.

He possesses the the power to see into the future and holds the key

to any success whatsoever.

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americanGTA3949d ago

I really dont think ps4 is gonna come out before 2012

tatical3949d ago

From the article:

"Playstation 4 should come in 2011 according to our model. I think that this will be the earliest that it will appear and that 2012 is more likely."

marinelife93949d ago

I'd guess the Super Wii in Christmas 2011
More power. Same controller only redesigned. "New"
Mario games/Metroid game/Zelda game. Still casual market

Xbox 720 release Christmas 2010
Announced Christmas 2009. Microsoft developed processor and
graphics card. Voice activated. Huge hard drive with Blu-Ray disc. Live everywhere fully implemented. No hardware issues. More
difficult to develop for because of new hardware. No backwards

PS4 Christmas 2013
Seven Cells and a Shader processor. Ultra HD compatible.
Introduction of new disc format. Full body motion sensing. Would
be promised for Fall of 2012 but will be delayed over a year.

blacsheep3949d ago

that the next xbox will be wi-fi,bluetooth,rechargeable controllers,web browsing,blu-ray drive,hard drive as standard, wait a minute....deja vu havnt i got that already this gen?

Maddens Raiders3949d ago

go to mine. and ask me how I can get you into Drivn gear.

I can't believe how hypocritical N4G can be sometimes. The mods are too busy breaking up cat fights to pay attention to real discrepancies.

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Lacarious3949d ago

everyone will avoid the XBox 3 as if it was the second coming of the Sega Saturn.

Nintendo will most def destroy all if they push out a tru HD next gen system.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I honestly think the next PlayStation console will come out in seven years not 5. This is because the PlayStation 3 can do so much that people will want to hold on to it a bit longer. With XBOX 360 I don't see that console lasting any longer than 5 years. In that case I think you'll even see a spike in PlayStation 3 sales that late like the PlayStation 2.

You'll have cheaper hardware and with a living breathing community it would be the ideal place for games. Sony definitely made a future proof console. Nintendo Wii will be so far behind I don't see it even lasting 4 years.

Steelshaper3949d ago

I agree with everything you said. Except when it comes to the Wii... while I agree it wont have a console life, Nintendo has made enough money already off this console generation to come out with an ultra spiffy new console in 3 or 4 years with technology that's ahead of PS3 and 360. Yes then Sony and Microsoft will counter in a few years after with their SUPER consoles... but Nintendo has the casual market and the casual market wont have Ultra HD. Nintendo is smart. They'll release what appeals to the maximum amount of people while still being as technologically advanced and innovative as possible.

bourner3949d ago

technology is moving so fast now so who cant tell atm

ikiru33853949d ago


you make me laugh. It's still early in this current console generation. The "harm" that you're talking about is a bit premature. Look what the Wii did. It catapulted beyond ps3 AND xbox360. The ps3 also sold more last month AND for the better part of 2007 than the 360. Sony is a quality and trusted name when it comes to electronics so I doubt that Sony will falter when the next MS machine comes out. It's not in Sony's habits to carry on a console for a decade? PLease! Look at the killing they've made with ps2. They also still have continued support for ps1 through BC with the current systems. Sure, MS has made a name for itself through XBLA and industry support, but you can't count out old vets like Sony or even Nintendo for that matter.