Wii-kness - How Nintendo Preys on our Fears.

Gameplayer examines how much of the Wii's success can be attributed to how its software plays on the fears of the audience. And speculates on some new software products that could be just around the corner.

"What is Nintendo's biggest weapon? Is it the Wii? The DS? Is it Shigeru Miyamoto's game design genius? Is it the strength of the brand, or the rigour of their quality control? Could it be some inscrutable Japanese management technique that we could never hope to understand?


Nintendo's biggest weapon is fear."

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wiizy3949d ago

not sure about that one.

MK_Red3949d ago

Nice find and article.

BrotherNick3949d ago

Haha, this is funny :D I would say it's more like solutions to problems, as well as preventing future ones. People do this all the time for marketing, just nintendo does it well. :P