Metal, Texas, Doom; 1-on-1 with Rise Of The Triad Musician Andrew Hulshult

GameFront: "Let’s say you’re a small developer working on the reboot of a classic shooter that last blew up the world 16 years earlier. You’re keenly aware of the fact that you have to get every single aspect of your remake exactly right, from game play to graphics, to making sure that the updates you add to hook modern gamers don’t come at the expense of what made the original so awesome in the first place. And oh yeah, you have to nail the soundtrack too. Especially since, as you’re well aware, the original game boasted a killer musical score..."

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StillGray1950d ago

GAME OF THE YEAR 2013. Well, it's certainly on my list.

CrzyFooL1950d ago

Give me \m/etal or give me death!

bfenty1950d ago

Seriously looking forward to this game.

PaladinXII1950d ago

Music makes the game, and I am very much on board with this music.

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