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Microsoft’s 7 Year Console Cycle Vs. Sony’s 6 Year Console Cycle

The seventh generation of consoles have been some of the most unique and most sold consoles in history. The seventh generation consoles have brought us great new video games with amazing new characters. We take a statistical look at Microsoft’s 7 year cycle compared to Sony’s 6 year cycle. (Industry, Microsoft, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

stonecold3  +   827d ago
saying ps3 got overheat and caused fire I think its the otherway. around. ps3 may had some ylod but not has bad as rrod?
miyamoto  +   827d ago
article is purposely dpewing mis information for hits
knowyourstuff  +   826d ago
This article reads like it was written by someone who didn't graduate high school... non-facts, bad grammar and sentence structure, and ending the article without actually making a point or coming to a coherent conclusion. Voted down! This garbage has no place on this website.
The_Infected  +   827d ago
At this slow rate we'll all be dead before the next couple of console generations are here and over. Hope this changes next gen and things are upgradable or come out way faster.
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decrypt  +   827d ago
The rate is slow because, MS and Sony know:

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

They can easily be kept quibbling over small differences over the years lol. PS3 vs Xbox 360 debate still going on 7 years on is proof enough.
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pixelsword  +   827d ago
@ decrypt

You might have a point, but on the other hand it must be argued that PC gamers don't care about gameplay or a correctly programmed game.

That's why they can release a sucky game like Crysis and PC fans will have hundreds of barrel explosion videos to cover the fact that Crysis was actually LESS exciting than watching barrels exploding over and over again.

That's also why devs screw PC gamers all of the time: GTA could look like the modded game or better, but They know all they have to do is get is slightly better and sucker them for a few more sequels and have PC gamers play a game taking screenshots at a 15-frame per second modded game.
T900  +   827d ago

While decrypt is an obvious troll.

"but on the other hand it must be argued that PC gamers don't care about gameplay or a correctly programmed game."

I beg to differ, more console games lately are released unplayable than PC games. check out games like:

Skyrim, fallout series, Mafia 2, Dragon age, COD, Battle field 3(input lag) on PS3 completely unplayable.

These days just about every platform has games launching that requires patches later on. Gone are the days when console games used to launch problem free. Atleast on the PC there is a active community that will fix things that the devs wont.

Edit: Btw check out Skyrim ENB PC gamers dont just take screenshots at 15 frames per second:

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RuperttheBear  +   827d ago
'You might have a point, but on the other hand it must be argued that PC gamers don't care about gameplay or a correctly programmed game. '

Yeah, that must be why The Binding of Isaac is my most played game on Steam. I don't care about gameplay obviously.
stage88  +   827d ago
I'm a console gamer and I care about graphics. That's why I've bought games like Uncharted and Killzone and will obviously be buying The Last of Us. Just saying.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   827d ago
Next gen is a double edged sword though.
On one side we will get better graphics and amazing games but on the other some devs are going to really struggle because the cost to make games will go up yet again. Which in turn results in more sequels and less originality.
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Cocozero  +   827d ago
Its amazing even being the oldest console the 360 is still selling the most. It will definitely have a 10 year life-span easily.
Ezz2013  +   827d ago
"Its amazing even being the oldest console the 360 is still selling the most."

hmmm..from where did you get that xbox360 selling more than ps3 world wide ?!

also where are you getting that ps3 outsold xbox world wide ??!!

last numbers we got was from MS and Sony that both xbox360 and ps3 are tie at 70m
and their next numbers will be in jun-feb 2013
so let's wait for them to show the numbers first
and plz no one here say any thing about vgchartes
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marigold  +   827d ago
I think Black Friday in the US was interesting with the xbox flexing it's muscles, but overall in terms of global sales, the PS3 is actually on top.
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DivineAssault  +   827d ago
Sony wins in ALMOST every category & is overall a better system to own.. MS has the OS & networking on LOCK tho.. However, sony is stepping their game up cuz with the new store & vitas functionality, i see where theyre going with this & i cant wait for PS4.. Good luck MS, cuz im not supporting you this time around unless i see some KILLER exclusive games
Rageanitus  +   827d ago
the market share is pretty much the same between the two, plus given that xbox had a headstart.

Some have to consider how many of those between the two companies are repeat purchases.

I'm sure there are alot more repeats from the xbox front due to the failure rate at the beginning of the generation.

Plus the ps3 will have a bit more longer stride because of the blu-ray drive. And Aim for more exclusive content.

ummm i'm sure SONY is aiming for the 10 year life cycle as USUAL.
TheKayle  +   827d ago
xbox360>ps3 this gen handdown and theres nothing to do

u cant compare income from xbox sales to ps3 sales

coz ms get more money than sony for each console they sold
so also if they r on pair they have the money that sony would have....plus..u need to add all the xbox live income....plus u need to add 150 euro of kinect (that sold for the half of the xbox users base)

remember that sony start to get money back from ps3 sales in late 2010 (most 2011) and due to high price blueray and the cell develop...the console cost to sony too much

about the graphics consoles vs pcs again theres nothing to do ...pc is the winner and if someone will try to tell u oh pc games r bad programmed ...well lol they just dont know what they r talking about...
pc gaming exist coz console cant do pc gaming....take a game like guild wars 2....when a game like that (gameplay,graphics,ai) will hit a console ill put down my pants

wtf guys youtube is there...i seen here ppl going OUT CRAZY for some gt5 screenshots while already ICEnancher for gt4 on pc make seem that screenshots old....


there r games ...i add fantastic games..that run JUST and ONLY on a console....and yeah most of this first party games r obv optimized for that console but u forget that when u talk about a pc...isnt just one..if u develop a game for a pc ..u need to have in mind thousands of setup that ppl can have...for this reason there r library like directx...but also in that case....not every video card support the same directx.....take the ps3 as example it dosnt support dx11 and dosnt support either full dx10 (well sony cant use at all direct x coz is a ms api they use opengl SE)...so tell me how u think to have the best graphics?....the most smart of u (or someone who had study computer science) could answer ....yyeah man but directx arent "EFFECTS" or "GRAPHICS" is just a library precompiled so u can have that stuff re programming everything with your own code............and i would answer....is true..but a company can do this ONE of TWO time...in the whole console cycle..asking to some developer to break their asses..for a purpose..trying to doing something that would be 1000000 easier using that API...(this is what happen + or - to santa monica studios and naughty dog) but most developer dont have the money,the time,the competence to do this...

graphics on console r obsolete (i got ps3 and xbox 360 eh) and also on this theres nothing to do...
this dosnt mean that games on console r ugly....take the last of us.....the main character r fantastic...(also if the enviroment and the textures on it show the limits of the console power).....

if u play a console game..u r playing a console game...damn it this hard to accept?

pc games would totally beat console games if in their sys requirements would be strict and cut out lots of configurations u got 16 gb ram a quad core, a 660 ti...ok u can run it......if u dont ..u cannot.....

but who want this? not me

i want a pc where i can see the most beauty graphics and the most advanced AI....and console where i got 3 or 4 beauty optimized games to play...(IMHO 1 button turn on ..is always better than run a pc to play a game)
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Hicken  +   827d ago
Delusions: you have them.

Edit: Your delusion is in your very first line.

"xbox360>ps3 this gen handdown and theres nothing to do"

You then go on to talk about profits and sales, as if that's what makes one console better than another.

THEN you go on some random tirade about PC graphics vs. console graphics... or something, as if it had anything to do with what's being talked about. I won't knock you for your command of the English language, but it's pretty hard to understand what you're getting at.

So, yes. Delusional.
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TheKayle  +   827d ago
yeah i can had some delusion in my life like everyone ahahah but what this mean with the topic?

ppl that had disagree r just little bit ignorant or fanboys....

if u say that ps3 made more money than x360 u must be stupid..or u just dont have an idea how the games world work

if u say that console graphics r better than pc graphics u must be stupid and blind...

what there is to disagree? ....

n4g little fanboys.....so sad

tell me something that i said that isnt true ..and ill could answer "oh u r right" .....till u just disagree....hiding urself u just show how much low u r
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Rageanitus  +   826d ago
Ferrari and BMW make less money than Toyota .... does that mean Toyota makes better cars??
yewles1  +   827d ago
"Playstation 3 overheating and even catching on fire in some cases. This could also be another cause of the sales change."

Wha--? Isn't that backwards?

cee773  +   826d ago
On another note they put chief vs. Kratos ;....)

Kratos would own master chief any day of the week .e
gamern4g  +   826d ago
This article aint same as real life.

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