GDC 2008: Prototype Progress Report

Easily one of the most anticipated -- and full -- conferences at this year's GDC was "Prototype: Open World, Open Mind, Next Generation Thinking." Hosted by Tim Bettison (the Executive Producer) and Eric Holmes (Lead Game Designer) from Radical Entertainment, the hour was an extremely fast paced romp through the basics of open world destruction, the motivations of the main character Alex Mercer, and the brutal power that players will have at their fingertips. The highlight of the conference was when Eric stopped everything and played the title for fifteen minutes straight, bashing his way through New York streets, highjacking tanks and helicopters, and slaughtering Army troops by the dozens. Shortly after the conference, we managed to get a demo of the upcoming action title, which should redefine how open world gameplay is made.

Players take on the role of Alex Mercer, a powerful shapeshifter with a significant problem -- he has no clue who he is. To attempt to regain his memory and discover the truth of his identity, Alex will need to absorb the memories of people who possibly know what happened to him. This can only be done by killing them and absorbing their bodies into his own, making their personalities part of his. As a result, Alex will quickly uncover a massive conspiracy that reaches farther beyond what he could have imagined, and defeat those hellbent on stopping him.

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ikiru33853953d ago

this game looks bada$$.

xionpunk3952d ago

I'm already convinced that this game will rock.

level 3603952d ago

Yes, very unique indeed. Love the morphing ability feature.

Hope in-game is as brutal and fast-paced as it looks on the trailers.

Might even make it as a full lenght movie feature - who knows?