Bioshock Infinite will feel “at home on the PC,” won’t use Games for Windows Live or SecuRom

In his Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”, a Q&A session with users of the site), Ken Levine made a couple of announcements about the development of Bioshock Infinite. When asked about Irrational’s commitment to the PC release of the game, he said, “We have a dedicated group on the PC version. Our first priority is making sure that it feels like a game that is at home on the PC.”

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Spinal2005d ago

Although the last of us is my most anticipated game next year bioshock infinite is second to that and will grace my PC happily.

dedicatedtogamers2005d ago

It's very good news. The majority of multiplatform games have really bad DRM.

VanguardOfCalamity2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

now ya see that... ya give a little and I buy a little :D

(edit) tweaked his nipple? wth lol

kostchtchie_2005d ago

day one buy for me, and this is great news

RuleofOne343 2005d ago

Hope it's on Origin, screw it am getting the PC version from Origin & a 360 copy to challenge friends. can't wait

RuleofOne343 2005d ago

what's up with the disagrees, cause I could swear my choice of stores was mine to chose & I need not follow anyone or do as the rest do. so am guessing everyone has a preferred store will guess what so do I .

Adexus2005d ago

I'd actually like to know why where you prefer Origin to Steam... or even like Origin at all, it's so bare bones.

RuleofOne343 2005d ago

Growing up was always taught to be different & chose what was right for me.

ThichQuangDuck2005d ago


I understood you up until this comment

you could take this chance to explain why you prefer origin over steam because some our curious. Instead you say I was born to be different.

aliengmr2005d ago


+ 1


bad troll is kinda pathetic.

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The story is too old to be commented.