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Rate This ‘Better’ Xbox 360 Controller, Made With Parts From An Old PlayStation Gamepad

kotaku.com.au: “This post is for true pro gamers”, the article warns, a photo of a sleek black and grey controller marking the start of your adventure into echelons of the elite. It’s true, though, that competitive gamers will seek any edge they can, even if that includes merging an Xbox controller with a PlayStation one, to create the One True Gamepad. (Xbox 360)

Belking  +   481d ago
I always thought the ps thimb sticks were crappy and xbox360 controller pad is crappy. Xbox has better thumb sticks, triggers, and shoulder buttons and a overall better feel in your hands. DS3 is just a bit small for me and I don't like the sticks being directly across from each other. I hope sony changes their design for those. Just my opinion though before the disagree come crashing in.
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Ravenor  +   481d ago
Personal preference, I don't care for L2 and R2's shape and I hated the original Dpad on the 360. But overall, it's more or less the same thing.
PirateThom  +   481d ago
No disagrees, but. completely personally, I like the DS3's sticks for one very specific reason, I don't hold analogue sticks on the top, buy push them from the sides. Kind of hard to explain, but the curved edges are just a touch more comfortable.

It's a non-issue though, I don't have trouble picking up and playing with either.
Baka-akaB  +   481d ago
To each their own , i dont want the design changed , except for a return of the old ps2 styled triggers .

Only thing the ps pads need are better and more precise sticks . Wich are probably coming , given how acurate the sticks are for the vita , so far

I hate the shape and feel of the xbox pad , but find its sticks way better (and its cross , even the new one for the transformer pad , horrible) .

I'm just not fixated either way about the position of the sticks on the pad .

The different design should remains for each console , as not everyone want any of the two to be the sole official solution available .
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r21  +   481d ago
I gotta disagree with you, I like the thumb sticks being across each other cause you know my thumbs when i hold a controller ARE next to each other. Probably why I like the DS3 more than the 360 controller.
Hicken  +   481d ago
I'll stick with symmetry, since that's how my body is made(we're not perfectly symmetrical, sure, but we're not THAT far off).

I wouldn't mind the L2/R2 going back to the PS2 style, but L1/R1 are definitely better than the 360's bumpers. And we know which D-pad is better.

I don't think I'd be upset if they made a larger version for all the people who complain that the Dual Shock is too small, but I'd stick with its current size, personally.

And people will disagree with your opinion... if they don't agree with it. It's not like you stated an indisputable fact, so it's not like people shouldn't be able to disagree. Adding that little bit on there just makes people more likely to disagree, honestly.
Belking  +   481d ago
You see the main difference between my post and yours is that i say this:

"Just my opinion though before the disagree come crashing in."

And you say this:

"but L1/R1 are definitely better than the 360's bumpers. And we know which D-pad is better."

It's just your opinion too but i just wanted to add "it's just my opinion" to my post because some take it as fact even though I worded it to come across as my opinion. The way you stated yours is that it is fact but it's not. It's just your opinion too.
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nukeitall  +   481d ago
"I'll stick with symmetry, since that's how my body is made(we're not perfectly symmetrical, sure, but we're not THAT far off)."

I will stick with what is more comfortable, after all we aren't really symmetrical if the majority of the people (think 99.9999%) are either left handed or right handed.

"I don't think I'd be upset if they made a larger version for all the people who complain that the Dual Shock is too small, but I'd stick with its current size, personally."

The dual-shock is way too small for me, but for small asian people (I'm asian), I can see the preference.

The biggest issue with the DS is the freaking triggers. My fingers slip all the time and it is just plain uncomfortable, even after I bought those RealTriggers addon.

If I was to merge an Xbox 360 controller with PS3, I would replace the darn d-pad on the 360 controller, not the freakin thumbsticks. This article is pretty lame!

Merry Xmas everyone!
Lvl_up_gamer  +   480d ago
I think the bumpers on the 360 are much better then those on the DS.

Sony controllers are the worst controllers this gen but people will still prefer them...or say they do just because they prefer the PS3 over the 360.
sdozzo  +   481d ago
I like both
GreenRanger  +   481d ago
I wouldn't risk opening up my controllers.
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kingPoS  +   481d ago
I had to when my 80gb era DS3 battery died last year. The hardest part is making sure the springs are still under L & R buttons when you put it back together.

That and I like the extra weight the first run dual shock 3's have.
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josephayal  +   481d ago
The Ultimate Shooter Controller for PSx60
rpd123  +   481d ago
I like the way the triggers go really far down on the 360 one. I also like the concave thumb sticks on the 360, too. The directional pad and bumpers could use some work (be more like what they are on the DS3).
SITH  +   481d ago
Clearly not for racing games with the trigger restriction.
KrisButtar  +   481d ago
i love the feel/size of the DS3 but would liked to have the R2 and L2 changed into the RT and LT like the 360 as they are just have a better feel, and i would also take the d-pad from the vita as that is some slick work.
TriangleOffense  +   481d ago
I want a custom 360 controller modded to hold a ps3 controller wicked bad but im not paying $200 + for one and I do not have the skill set for it
TotalHitman  +   481d ago
The only thing I hate about the dualshock is the cheap plastic. At first it feels fine, but after many hours of gaming, the dualshock get's greasy.

I think Sony should make the PS4 dualshock matte like the Xbox 360 controller.
ItsTrue  +   481d ago
I'm guessing a lot of it comes down to which controller you use more. The more you use it the more you adjust to it and so everyone's favorite will most likely be their console of choice.
There is still the aspects of other controllers you prefer though.
GreenRanger  +   481d ago
I can use the 360 and the PS3 controller perfectly.
I don't prefer one over the other.
cee773  +   481d ago
To everyone who complains about the ds3 being too small check these out I own a couple and there sweet my controllers still look and feel new it has a nice feel and nonslip grip.

Every time I get a new controller I have to put a silicone skin on one

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