Bioshock Infinite's ending "is the thing I'm most proud of" but "your mileage may vary" - Levine

OXM - I'm starting to really like the youthful tradition of developer Ask Me Anything threads on Reddit. The latest example is from Irrational Games kingpin Ken Levine, and as you'd expect from the man behind Bioshock Infinite, it's a rather interesting jumble of sense-making words and sentences.

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A2X_2003d ago

Now that I'm expecting a great ending, I feel it's not gonna be that great when I watch it. Let it be a surprise for the players.

KwietStorm2003d ago

You don't know the actual ending, so its still a surprise. The last time I heard a developer make this same statement was David Cox with Lords of Shadow, and the final boss & ending sure as hell was a big surprise, very well done.

fermcr2003d ago

With all the fuss about the ending, i suspect the game is going to have a crap ending.

ThichQuangDuck2003d ago

I have simply heard it is an ending that they are proud of and has never been attempted before. Based on this statements it will easily be a polarizing ending but I go in open minded. The ending in Bioshock was pretty poor like the actual end not Andrew Ryan. I am ready to enjoy the experience.

lociefer2003d ago

Well as long as it dsnt have a starchild thn it shuld b good

IIC0mPLeXII2003d ago

As long as it's not an AI explaining that were being exterminated by machines so were not exterminated by machines im sure it will be good

MizTv2003d ago

Very optimistic about this game

PhoenixRising372003d ago

risks are what the gaming industry needs right now.

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