What Does SNK Think of Street Fighter IV?

We've got a buncha new fighters coming out: SNK's The King of Fighters XII, Capcom's Street Fighter IV and Namco's Soul Calibur. We are totally! What does SNK think its biggest competitor is? Says Masaaki Kukino, King of Fighters XII producer

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TrevorPhillips3256d ago

i think SNK are just jealous of capcom's fighting game street fighter big time.

Enigma_20993256d ago

the only reason SFIV can even compete is because of people like you... who forgive Capcom for rereleasing SFII AGAIN!!! Is the game even as deep as the Alpha series anymore?!?!?

chrno63256d ago

Frankly I am not impressed with street of fighter 4, but let's see how it will turn out.

riksweeney3256d ago

Why should SNK care? We've already had the dream match ups in Capcom Vs SNK 1 & 2.

jinn3255d ago

im done with fighting games