How BioShock Infinite Has Changed Since 2010

IGN - A lot has changed since BioShock Infinite was last shown. We run through what’s new, plus how much of that E3 demo ended up in the final game.

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j-blaze1818d ago

i wish they changed the female's character design entirely and make her look more attractive and realistic she looks cartoony with that big head and tiny body....

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Crillvirus811818d ago

Are your eyes ok cause that girl they choose to be in the pics and on the back cover looks very attractive to me and she looks just like her

wanieldiik1818d ago

I guess she's not "kawaii" enough for J-Blaze

KarateExplosion1818d ago

I can see where you are coming from J-Blaze. They make the main character look pretty realistic on the cover compared to everyone else. However, if you watch the game play she is very pretty and looks real enough without the two to compare side by side.

DigitalRaptor1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I'm sorry but this game is deep and mature. In gameplay, story and character depth. I feel sorry that this puts you off playing it, since you can't get past what is easily a very strongly designed, attractive looking woman. I'm sorry you are that shallow.

I apologise that Elizabeth and Ellie (from The Last of Us) are not tall, sterile pieces of heaven like your Japanese fantasies like Lightning. Characters, like people, are defined by their imperfections, but you would be the last person to appreciate that.

onandonandon1817d ago

Have your parents blocked your porn access?

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Y_51501818d ago

Back in 2010. I thought this game was one of the best looking games out there today!

2012. It still looks great!