Top 15 Wii games to play on Wii U A common sleight against the original Wii is that it lacked good games. However, while it’s true that the original Wii lacked almost all the big third party multi-platform games and that its broad popularity lead to huge amounts of bad third-party games, the fact is the machine played host to dozens of fantastic, must-play titles. And since the Wii U is fully backwards compatible, these games will play just fine on the new console.

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phantomexe1951d ago

Try running The Conduit on the wii u it looks great.

GreenRanger1951d ago

Do GameCube games work in the Wii U?

PopRocks3591951d ago

Discs don't, but supposedly they may come to the Virtual Console.

guitarded771951d ago

Playing Twilight Princess on Wii U right now. I would like to play Xenoblade Chronicles, but there is so much price gouging going on with that game... I sure as hell ain't payin' $100 for it. I wish Nintendo would patch the Wii U so we can access Wii games and Virtual Console from the Wii U menu... I'm not holding my breath though.

Ravenor1951d ago

It's how the Wii U handles emulating the Wii, right down to the internal storage limitations of the Wii. So I really hope you don't hold your breath because unfortunately I don't think it can even be changed.

DrChainsaw1951d ago

Why would anybody want to play Wii games? They are all old and look like PS2 games.
I suppose there is nothing else worth playing on the Wi U yet.

chadboban1951d ago

Same reason I still play my PS2 bro, some of those games are still fantastic despite being "old".

DrChainsaw1951d ago

The difference between the Wii and the PS2 is that the PS2 wasn't mostly shovelware, so you can still go back and play it. That's why you still play your PS2.

AWBrawler1951d ago

Chainsaw obviously never owned a Wii and hidden gems like cursed mountain

MasterCornholio1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

There are some great games on the Wii like Super Mario Galaxy for example. But the Wii is a console thats famous for having a ton of shovelware so while there are a few great games most of them are junk.


I love old games which is why im buying an OUYA (or something similar) to be able to play them on my T.V.

Playstation classics look fantastic on the Vita which is a surprise because i thought it would look terrible due to the age of the games. Now that im talking about PSX classics maybe i will pick up the Spyro collection.


Agreed. One of the most fun games that i played this year was Mutant Blobs on Vita and Sound Shapez. Those games look like flash games but they are incredibly fun to play.

cpayne931951d ago

I still play nes, snes, n64, and ps1 games on emulators... there's more to games than graphics. You may think old game is old, but to me timeless game is timeless. There will always be old games worth playing, despite the graphics.

GreenRanger1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

@ DrChainsaw
You do realise that most of the Wii games on the list are fairly recent, right?
I wouldn't consider the older games to be old (like really old) either.

DrChainsaw1951d ago

They still look old though.

ElectricKaibutsu1951d ago

I'm beginning to think you're not a real doctor.

GreenRanger1951d ago

@ DrChainsaw
Who cares what a game looks like?
Some of the best games are the ones that don't need fancy graphics.

Ravenor1951d ago

Skycrawlers, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and a few other games are excellent.

I'm getting real tired of all the Nintendo detractors.

animegamingnerd1951d ago

there are fantastic games on the wii that look like crap but are far better then any say like battlefield 3

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xflo3601951d ago

been playing metroid prime trilogy! epic gaming!

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