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Submitted by get2sammyb 1145d ago | opinion piece

Could 2013 Be the PlayStation 3's Biggest Year Yet?

Push Square: "It hasn’t exactly been a banner year for the PlayStation 3. The system’s trundled along, there’s no doubt about that – but from a first-party perspective, the past twelve months have been all about treading water. A quick glance at the console’s upcoming release schedule evidences as much. Indeed, while 2012 delivered a smorgasbord of solid exclusive software, the coming couple of quarters are in a completely different league.

"What are your most anticipated PlayStation 3 titles? How do you think the platform's going to fare in 2013?" (PS3)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1145d ago
It would be if not for being over shadowed by the PS4 lol.

It's 2013 line up is pretty beastin.
Ezz2013  +   1145d ago
do any of you have Official date for 720 or ps4 ??!!
NO ?! ok..let's talk about ps3 then

the answer is yes
it's the PlayStation 3's Biggest Year
5 of my most anticipated games in 2013 are
ps3 exclusives

1.the last of us
2.god of war ascension
3.beyound two souls
4.sly 4
5.Ni no Kuni

multiplat games :
2.Lord of shadows 2
4.tomb rider
6.Watch Dogs
7.Remember Me
8.splinter cell
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Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1145d ago
Well you see the thing is.... I was clearly being sarcastic..... come on people... it's about to be 2013... I shouldn't have to tag every sarcastic comment with "/s".... it's time to lose the training wheels.
megalonagyix  +   1144d ago
Tomb Rider ahahahahh :D
KONAAs  +   1145d ago
STFU with PS4, when it comes out evry ones gona bitch abouth the fucken price, so STFU already, if ur not willing to pay 1g for next gen STFU, i paid 900 for the ps3 when it came out,
KwietStorm  +   1145d ago
Wanna talk about it?
VonBraunschweigg  +   1145d ago
Have a spritzer. And move to the lower 48.
2pacalypsenow  +   1145d ago
Lol next gen consoles wont be a thousand dollars
KONAAs  +   1145d ago
i bet anything they are gona be more than $600 specially ps4, then every one talking of next gen is gona cry becuse of the price, if ps3 cost close to 1 gran with a game and a extra controler what makes u think ps4 will not cost more when it has more power?
KONAAs  +   1145d ago
VonBraunschweigg bitch im in SoCal a state where u cant afor to pay the rent in, go back to the dakotas
VonBraunschweigg  +   1144d ago
Have another spritzer, go ask your 300 back and buy or build your house next time instead of renting it. And c'mon man, it's been what, 6 or 7 years already and your still upset those bastards at the store flipped the 6 around when you walked in to buy your PS3...not too smart, but get over it:)
KONAAs  +   1144d ago
nope its called renting untill u pay the house off, becuse if u dont pay the back, guess what hapens u get evicted also, an dno im not mad, if the ps4 cost $1,500, guess what the same price ill pay, i dont care abouth the price, just tired of ppl talking abouth it then they gona bitch abouth the price
Ezz2013  +   1145d ago
@exgamerlegends bad :)
Dwalls1171  +   1144d ago
God of war ascension is all I need for the first quarter of 2013
Belking  +   1145d ago
PS4 won't overshadow anything because it probably won't be here until mid or late 2014.
TheLastGuardian  +   1145d ago
My most anticipated PS3 games of 2013:

The Last of Us
Bioshock Infinite
Watch Dogs
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Until Dawn
Remember Me
The Last Guardian
Grand Theft Auto V
Beyond: Two Souls
Warrior's Lair
God of War: Ascension
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Tomb Raider

Yep, it's gonna be one hell of a year.
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Enemy  +   1145d ago
The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension, Beyond: Two Souls, Puppeteer, Ni No Kuni, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, maybe The Last Guardian, maybe Guerrilla's new IP, am I missing anything? Bunch of multiplatform games as well. 2013 is looking huge.

Edit: Oh damn, must ignore TheLastGuardian's post! Too...much...
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AlucardFury  +   1145d ago
Every year is the year of the Playstation 3 it seems....
GribbleGrunger  +   1145d ago
It's a big ask but it's not out of the question. You can't ignore the exclusives that are coming in 2013, such as The Last Of Us, God of War Ascension, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, Beyond Two Souls, Ni-N-Kuni, Puppeteer or even Until Dawn. Those games should help sustain a good momentum of sales as well as create some reasonable spikes in hardware sales.

Then you have to also consider PS+ and the momentum that is gaining (particularly the latter half of this year). I'm sure that awareness is growing and the offers seem to be getting better. A recent price drop for a years subscription here in the UK (reduced by £10) will also help cement the concept into peoples minds before 2013 and a great deal here and there could help persuade those on the fence to finally pick up a PS3.

A price drop is also inevitable; although one could argue that there already has been a price drop, but in bundle form. The 12GB PS3 offers Sony quite a bit of leeway and could lead to a £150 price tag along with significant bundles such as TLOU or GOWA.

Of course you can't ignore competition, but looking at the 360s line up, it's difficult to see any threat there and the Wiiu will still be finding its feet. Although the 360 hasn't reached saturation point in America, it's closer to it than the PS3, so that could also factor in eventually. There could be some surprises too, such as minimal Gaikai integration or cheap PS3/Vita combo packs. No doubt a few unknown games will be announced too. So, yes, there is a chance that 2013 could be the PS3s biggest year, but it's not guaranteed, just a possibility ... And if not the 'biggest', a damned good one. 12 million would be pretty healthy.
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DarkZane  +   1145d ago
Square-Enix will probably give Fin al Fantasy Versus XIII info and the game will either make it very late 2013 or 2014. It can't be delayed much longer and a PS4 release won't happen, they won't switch platforms, so much money was poured into this project that it would be stupid to do so.
ABizzel1  +   1145d ago
I seriously doubt FF vs. 13 is that far into development. It's likely being developed on PC hardware, and hasn't even reached PS3 modification yet, by how long we've gone without seeing anything shown on PS3 in a WHILE.

I think it's either a next-gen title or canned.
cedaridge  +   1145d ago
1st I NEED to get my hands on The Last of Us, God of War A, and Beyond 2 Souls then i'm ready for the PS4 (I hope). psn: cedar4Thunder / xbl: cedar4Thunder
DrChainsaw  +   1145d ago
The Last Of Us will be better than anything on any console or PC.
SuperSonic266  +   1145d ago
I cant wait for the last of us, and i believe it will be a perfect game.. but gta 5 might give it some trouble :P
landog  +   1145d ago
Dr. Chainsaw-"The Last Of Us will be better than anything on any console or PC. "

the last of us is going to be an awesome game, naughtydog consistantly deliver excellent story telling and amazing visuals for consoles

that being said, nearly any major pc game from the last 4 years will utterly destroy it visually

crysis 1 (2007)
Crysis Warhead (2008)
Far Cry 2 (2008)
Grid (2008)
GTA IV (2008 on pc)
Sins of a Solar Empire (2008)
Arma 2 (2009)
need for speed shift (2009)
Empire total war (2009)
World in confict (2009)

get my point, now if you mean solely gameplay, it is possible, but you maybe setting yourself up with too high of expectations

There have been some AMAZING games on ps3/360/pc in the past few years

but i do believe the last of us will be one of, if not the, best game of 2013

we'll have to see, pre-ordered mine a long time ago, if it says Naughtydog on it, its a day one buy for me, and the devs have EARNED that!
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Ezz2013  +   1145d ago
he said better
but he didn't say look better
which mean he is talking about the game it self not the gfx
and plz stop with " utterly destroy it "
i own pc as well and i play every thing max setting
yet my jaw dropped while playing uncharted 3/god of war 3/killzone 3

i'm not saying pc games don't look better
of course they do
but some of the stuff i saw in those games
was far better than any thing i saw on pc
MasterCornholio  +   1145d ago
"that being said, nearly any major pc game from the last 4 years will utterly destroy it visually

I guess you game on the PC because of the graphics not because of the quality of the games.

You should be ashamed to call yourself a gamer.

P.S I did read the rest of your comment and i know that your excited for the Last of Us.
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evilhasitsway  +   1145d ago
my honest opion is sony wants to end the ps3 gen with a bang and to me that is exactly what they are doing with all they awesome titles to be out before christmas next year then posisbly a new gen system at the end of the year will bring alot of money in for sony in 2013
evilhasitsway  +   1145d ago
i believe alot of the games coming out like mgs gz, gta5 will be muliti platform which means they could be on both ps3 and ps4 just cause its an excluisive doesnt mean it wont be avaible for both systems
evilhasitsway  +   1145d ago
what alot of people over look is when ps3 first came out the ps2 was out selling the ps3 because of the price drop. even tell today alot of people still go out and get ps2's not as much as they were then. so sony could release a new system in 2013 and still be perfectly fine with the ps3 exspeically if they do a price drop for ps3
ApolloTheBoss  +   1145d ago
God I can't wait till Ni no Kuni comes out. If you haven't played the demo for the love of almighty god, try it!
Belking  +   1144d ago
Could be. The line up looks great.

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