Zack & Wiki - "The Adventure Game is Back"

Gameplayer has reviewed Zack & Wiki: The Quest for Barbados' Treasure ahead of its pal release and are delighted by the game, as detailed in this article.

"It's reminiscent of the old PC adventure games of yesteryear – a genre of games that was bound to make a triumphant comeback someday. And it looks like today is that day matey."

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wiizy3440d ago

i hope this game is still selling. even at a low level.

BrotherNick3440d ago

300000 sales and counting...It may sell another 100000 in EU. 300000 * 30 (assuming around 10 goes to retailers) = 9000000. Not bad, I wonder how much it costs to make.

Ivix3439d ago

I hope it costs little enough to warrant a sequel!