Gamespy-The War Z Review

GS:Somewhere out there in The War Z's zombie-infested Colorado map is food and drink, supplies, and weaponry to help fend off the undead and other players. The challenge, for me, was putting up with its awkward movement controls, the hackers, and the random buggy deaths long enough to find them. The War Z displays astonishing design ineptitude and some of the worst kinds of microtransactions in gaming, all in one ugly package. I'm feeling worn down -- but not tired enough to not be angry.

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Jackhass1917d ago

This whole War Z story has been a fascinating trainwreck.

NYC_Gamer1917d ago

War Z is a piece of garbage that tried to cash in on DayZ success

Hufandpuf1917d ago

0.5 because they have a menu.

ThanatosDMC1917d ago

I respect that author for his brutal honesty. Wish more people would do this.

WeskerChildReborned1917d ago

I love how the developers screwed up their game and themselves in just the past few days, Bravo.

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