Reviewers...Need Someone To Hold Your Hand?

Adam Blue from takes a look at the reviews for the latest Turok game, and leaves very disappointed. While the score a game is given is definitley opinion, the reasons these reviewers have been giving are rather...lame:

"But the real issue here is different. You know what reviewers are doing to dock points on a game? Complaining about difficulty. Complaining about not being told what to do. From Gamespy:

"Of course, it was the vents that were explosive, but would it have killed Turok to have one of our team mates mention this or drop some kind of hint?" - Gamespy

Well considering half the level you use these vents to destroy enemies, and you're pretty much by yourself down there, I don't see a problem with giving the player a chance to figure something out for themselves. I want the chance to play the game."

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