IGN GDC 2008: Uncharted: Johnny's Fortune - Hi, I'm Nathan Drake. Welcome to Jackass

IGN writes: During a 58-minute presentation titled "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Post-Mortem: Amazing Feats of Daring," Naughty Dog Game Designer Richard Lemarchand dropped a megaton on the standing-room only audience.

Nathan Drake is based -- in part -- on Johnny Knoxville.

Okay, maybe that doesn't deserve the moniker of "megaton," but the fact that designers began basing Nathan on cynical, nice guy Knoxville when they couldn't get a handle on the in-game character was just one of many anecdotes Lemarchand shared during the presentation.

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Le-mo3949d ago

I never did like aim assist so I'm glad they took that out of the game. As for the extensive wardrobe system, make it happen in the sequel. :P

sa_nick3949d ago

He always reminded me more of Nathan Fillian from Firefly (the first name being a coincidence)

gamesblow3949d ago

Uncharted just oozes kick a$$ quality experience! The game is everything I wanted when I was growing up, that's for sure. Naughtydog, as they did with the crash and j&D games, made a huge impact with me once again.

Insomniac, Naughtydog, Incog are the 3 companies I simply refuse to live without. They're why I invest in Sony only products when it comes to gaming.

Nintendo and Microsoft cannot touch sony's loyal developers in terms of content.

adalwolfe3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

pft, it has 10 hours of gameplay, an no replay value... I am sure if 360 wanted to make "renter" games, Only focusing on graphics it would and it would look just as nice and be just as short.. but 360 owners are not quite as dumb. Only foolish fanboys who say "oooo wow look at the pretty graphics. ooo i am a retard, paid 70 dollars for a cheezy movie that lasts 10 hours, but boy it looks pretty" would actually buy something like this. A real gamer would rent it an beat it in an evening if they thought it was really worth the time (which it is not), same goes with lair, and heavenly sword. Thats the true reason its on the ps3... sony has a lot of dumb fanboys that buy pretty things with nice ingame videos and screenshots as opposed to actual high quality replayable games such as halo3/mass effect/bioshock/forza/gearofwa r which are only available on the "real gamers" console.

level 3603948d ago

Totally understandable for a still "rookie" games developer and with some time constraints involved to make a few short-cuts here and there.
Especially concerning the 3 to 4 enemy appearances and wardrobe differentiation, which when playing the game seems, they all tend to look the same for every level.
Also goes for our heroes as well.
But really a very minor complaint.

What you really need to look at is how truly addictive and enjoyable it is to play this awesome game.
Magnificent play features and stunning backdrops.
And then you think how can a "still" new developer on the market be able to hit the mark with this title.

butterfinger3945d ago

Uncharted was a great game, and one that I really never wanted to put down. Although it was very short, I enjoyed the fast paced gameplay and great visuals. I'm really looking forward to Uncharted 2.