Here Comes A New Challeneger: A Gamers Return To the Fighting Genre

Back long ago, in a time far far away, I used to be engulfed by fighting games, they were the quintessential form of multiplayer but instead of linking up online you either found yourself in an arcade (yes arcades) or in the TV room of you or your friends house. It was the purest form of "Who's better than whom," as you either beat or got beat by your friends or randoms that threw quarters down ( Yes you actually put money into machines at one point to play video games). And back in the 90's there were more fighting game titles than you probably think.

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MeatheadMilitia1979d ago

I'm starting to use block more haha I know that seems a bit ridiculous to say, but I was going all offense for a few weeks haha

Tetsujin1979d ago

The 90's, best generation for fighting games.

3-4-51978d ago

That is because they all had a certain character or charm to them that most are missing now.

r211979d ago

Hahaha Cant get the announcers voice out of my head with that head line XD Here comes a new challenger!

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