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Best Shooter of 2012- Game Pandemic

If there is one genre of gaming that has become almost a mascot for the industry--its the shooting genre. Reasonably so, because who doesn't want to relax in their living room with a rifle in their hand, scrambling for headshots? 2012 was a fantastic year for shooters, especially in first person, here are some of the games that fully satisfied all of gamers' carnal urges. (PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

DasTier  +   483d ago
Hmmn Far Cry 3's campaign was incredible, but the Multiplayer felt tacked on and the Co-op was awful. Because of the poor the awesome map editor felt wasted. Also what was up with its achievements? Collect 60/120 relics, but nothing after that? After you complete the campaign there is not really any incentive to replay the game, especially when you can just watch the other ending on youtube.

I did not play spec-ops the line so have no opinion.

I was not expecting very much from Black Ops 2 in terms of innovation or game quality and was not disappointed. They managed to make the only two things that were fun about Black Ops not fun: Wager Matches and Zombies.

Halo 4 is the only one I keep going back to and this is probably because of it being ahead of the others in-terms of online multiplayer. The lack of custom games options was a huge disappointment though and Spartan Ops is very hit and miss.

Overall I personally would have given best shooter to Halo 4, but the lack of custom games is going to kill the life of this game. If 343i want this game to be played even half as long as Halo 3, then they need to fix custom games and add in a file-share browser.
pandehz  +   482d ago
Farcry 3 and BF3 Dlc's

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