Fully destructable lego Deathmatch mod for UT3 - PS3 EU version with physics

Here is the first mod zipped for the EU ps3 directory structure

All you need to do is extract to the root of your mem stick / USB device and it will be in the right directory structure for your EU PS3 to install.


You can download the file from here to. There are two youtube videos that you can watch to see it in action. Looks awesome with the destructable environments and physics engine.


there is now a US version up too

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Sevir043863d ago

there is so many mods for UT3 it's not even funny.

Blankman3863d ago

you just gotta love mods. Funny to see 360 pushing xna and user created content but yet they dnt allow mods

ruibing3863d ago

I can just imagine how much further LBP can go beyond this.

gamesR4fun3863d ago

this is freaking amazing
anyone want to get a game going?

psn dferr

gamesR4fun3862d ago

took me a bit to get a copy that worked
the guy that made the mod posted a thread at the official unreal forums with a ps3 link that worked on my machine!

Freaking amazing cant wait to see what this guy does next with it since this was just his tester...

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TheHater3863d ago

I need to download this mod. It look really fun

MikeGdaGod3863d ago

damn!!! i just traded UT3 in yesterday for NBA2K8

mullet3863d ago

LOL that is too awesome.

Asurastrike3863d ago

What do you mean EU UT3? PS3's are regionless.

TheHater3863d ago

I think they mean the source code or something.

funkysolo3863d ago

Jk...I come in peace...this should be fun

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The story is too old to be commented.