Review: ZombiU is the best Wii U title out right now -

ZombiU is one of the most polarizing titles in recent memory. If you give the game a chance though, and play it from a certain perspective, it provides one of the most engrossing video game experiences of the year.

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Neonridr1946d ago

Totally agree. Definitely worth the purchase. It's not a GOTY contender or anything, but it definitely shows you how the gamepad can be used to improve a game experience.

Qrphe1946d ago

It's definitely the best Wii U title no doubt. I'm trying to beat the game on Survival lol

pat_11_51946d ago

It's on my Game of the Year list for sure.

OhReginald1946d ago

Thats nice. I know it has gotten really bad reviews, like 4.5 from gamespot and a 6.5 from ign. But still if people are enjoying it thats all that matters in the end.

If I ever do purchase a wii u in the future I will want them to release a ZombiU sounds silly tho lol

Drainage1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Its such a great game, shame for the people who suck at it and dont have patience. Its terrible to trash this sort of game for the video game industry. They want the sequel to be Resident Evil 7: ZombiU or some shit. Screw those guys, and all those people who didnt even play the game and trash it, namely PS3 fanboys.

People have more praising for a game like DayZ but the zombies or so retarded on that game its laughable....