IGN's 2012 Game of the Year

Find out which game in 2012 earned IGN's top honors, and look at every other IGN GotY so far.

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guitarded771977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Me three! It is so deserved... Journey takes so many chances, and does everything right.

piroh1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

i agree with them, Journey is the best this year

in my eyes Journey won best soundtrack, best PS3 game, best graphics and overall GOTY, although they gave best graphics to Halo 4 - congratulations, lets wait till 2013, my bet is on Last of Us and Last Guardian. i like this friendly battles, its good to be a gamer here and now

MerkinMax1977d ago

When you emerge from the snow and begin souring at that end, so many feels. The music, the scenery, everything about the build up to that point made it so emotional. Such a simple game that really shined this year. Loved it!

sonic9891976d ago

me four Lol
its been a long time since i engaged emotionally with a game
rightfully deserved

nintendoland1976d ago

Seriously I think black ops 2 is the best game of this year. I'm not trolling. Multiplayer is so epic

Enate1976d ago

@nintendoland na you must mean that lag compensation is epic because that's the only thing I have experienced playing that games multiplayer.

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JoGam1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Omg the soundtrack alone makes me wanna go play it again. So powerful. Awesome!

HammadTheBeast1977d ago

What makes Journey stand out is that it's a complete game experience. I can play over and over, to try and play with others, and experience a different "Journey" every time. Not to mention the impressive art style, and amazing soundtrack.

And it does all this with so little. That's what makes it my Game of The Year, and i approve of IGN.

shotgun_ps31977d ago

Yep that about sums it up for me as well. Well done ThatGameCompany!, think I woke my flatmates up cause I actually yelped when I saw it had won.

360ICE1976d ago

I think mine too. My favorite was maybe Gravity Rush, but Journey is just an incredible game.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1976d ago

Too bad this doesn't mean a thing, since PS3 fanboys hate IGN, and IGN is nothing but a bias, horrible site now.

Oh wait. Did they give PS3 game an award? Oh, nevermind,.. IGN is great again!

xursz1976d ago

i don't like ign all that much because i think they tend to be less professional than other game coverage sites. but i do think the award is well deserved. And yes i played halo4, gravity rush, persona4G, far cry 3, and TWD.

BTW i think there are plenty of ps3 fans who frequent ign.

neoMAXMLC1973d ago

What you're doing is generalizing. Unless you can give specific examples of who does this then you're simply making a tantrum. I might as well say, "Typical argument from a typical 360 fanboy."

But seeing as you are one who runs his own 360 fanboy site (or least one infested with them) then I guess my argument is more valid.

aquamala1976d ago

I don't get it. it's a 2 hour long game, most of the time walking to the objective and solve VERY simple puzzles, and none of the puzzles require 2 people to solve so a companion doesn't even need to be there? this is GoTY?

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NastyLeftHook01977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

so many ps3 exclusives get goty's!

edit: uh oh! the disagree fairy is here!

Enemy1977d ago

There won't be any clean water to drink after the apocalypse in a couple hours. I brought my buckets into this story for the tears for which I will shower with.

Norrison1977d ago

uc2 deserved it, but journey's lenght killed it for me. Didn't disagree tho

PirateThom1977d ago

It was either Journey or Sound Shapes for me.

xursz1977d ago

+1 for sound shapes.

that game racked up so many awards this year it's ridiculous.

TryMe1977d ago

Should have gone to Tell Tale's Walking Dead but whatever.

TryMe1977d ago

All the disagrees are going to be coming from people who never even played tell tale's walking dead. It's cool, I never played Journey and I like to press the dislike button as well ;)

Blastoise1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I played it, I thought it was a rather inconsistent game (episode 2 was awesome, episode 1 was okay, episode 3 was meh) and it had a quite a few bugs (weird lip sync at times. Going under the turning invisible?!)

A good game, glad I bought it, but I can see why people wouldn't give it game of the year.

guitarded771977d ago

I played it thought it was amazing. It's not a slap in the face to other games that didn't get picked, it's a celebration of a great game, and Journey is a great game. It does not lessen how great Walking Dead is.

If your pick for GOTY was Walking Dead, so be it... no one can tell you what to think GOTY was except you, but don't go pissing on Journey, because it too was a great game, and IMO GOTY.

dgonza401977d ago

I've played it and disagree.. it's not like spike didn't give it to the walking dead anyways.. So everyone wins.

LtFaku1974d ago

I've played TWD game, and only for the last chapter,itwas dissapointing, the game says that the story is tailored by the decisions you take and you only got ONE ending, with the same "villian" at the end, no matterwhat have happened before. To me, was a good game, but dissapointing at the very end, just doesnt have any replay value.

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Jockamo1976d ago

Journey and Walking Dead were great games. But this is all a matter of opinion. For me, my favorite game of the year was Faster than Light, but that's just my opinion. But when these more independent games beat out the mainstream titles, that's always a good sign for the future of gaming.

BanBrother1976d ago

Nah, IGN are Xbox fanboys.......... /s