Biggest Failure of 2012 Award - PSLS

There’s one PSLS award that no one wants to win – the biggest failure of 2012.

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Sev1952d ago

Hmm, this is such a big failure, it almost calls for a whole new word to be created.

ftwrthtx1952d ago

Black Ops Apocalypsed?

Black Ops Crapified?

yesmynameissumo1952d ago

Skyrim won that title to me. Also, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a good game!

yesmynameissumo1952d ago

And my hate has lingered into 2012. ORC is still good!

doctorstrange1952d ago

No one really expected much from ORC either

WeskerChildReborned1952d ago

Yea MOH WF was a big let down.

knifefight1952d ago

Should have spent another 4-6 months in development getting more content and some bug fixes, then it could have headlined the Vita's late-Spring lineup.

But no. The Christmas cash was too important.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I LOL'd at the runner up list.

And to their credit, they werent even supposed to be making declassified. Blops 2 for vita was originally being developed by a different studio and got canned. Then Nihilistic took the roll of declassified late in the game. I blame Activision for giving their IP to a low rank dev because they didnt have the balls to risk making a Vita game themselves.

And Nihilistic cuz they keep trying to make a name for themselves with other ppl's IP's.