Bullish Sony Comes Out Fighting

Sony marketing bigwig Scott Steinberg has set the tone for Hardware Wars 2008 confidently predicting that consoles competing with PlayStation 3 are effectively doomed to also-ran status.

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ikiru33853951d ago

hmmm. i think i'll wait till the end of this yr till i declare 2008 as year of the ps3. it SEEMS to look that way, though.

LastDance3951d ago

Man .. i mean he's right. but havent sony learnt from being c0cky. I agree with the comment about xbox.
But still sony have to be careful in their comments.

But theres no way they wont do it. I have no doubt they will sell as many if not more then the ps2. anyone disagree?
Tell me this...

Why wouldnt they?

kewlkat0073951d ago

so many factors have changed..."Economic Factors", "Competition Factors", Exclusivity Factors...I can go on and on.

Now what we might see for like 2 years though, as Stand-alone Players get better, the sale of the PS3 as the best player out there will slow down.

Software this Gen is more important to the PS3's success because it is splitting 2 markets. Hopefully real gamers that buy the console, for gaming, is more than 70%.

beavis4play3951d ago

with hd-dvd failing, sony is starting year off good. but, they need to get all of their games out on their scheduled release dates. haze, MGS4, and KZ2 have all slipped back a little. they need these(and others) to make their current release schedule. they also need home out this year and to have blu-ray movies drop to the 19.99 price.

cmrbe3951d ago

They would without a doubt dominate the x360 if they drop the price and not delay the heavy hitters this year.

texism3951d ago

Ha. Sony, this is not really the time to gloat. It would really suck for all of this to backfire and then you end up looking stoopid. Why is it that every time a company gains momentum, they have to gloat? MS did it last year too and look at where they are now.

InYourMom3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

them's is fighting words. Competition is good!

But I think the Wii is now laughing in your general direction Sony. And don't say you are not competing with the Wii. Unfortunately both MS and Sony need to deal with that juggernaut who has basically been the real "rags to riches" story this console gen. They are whooping the PS3 in it's homeland and the 360 in theirs. Damn you casual gamers! =)

Big Jim3951d ago

The Wii is a fad and will completely die out in a couple of years, just like every other fad toy has always done.
Mircosoft was too short sighted, and the 360 will eventually get broken by the PS3's staying power.

Iron Man 23951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Right...people will never get tired of playing mini games and piss poor PC ports with online lag that you still have to pay for!/sarcasm

And how can you even compare the Nintendo® Wii to both the PLAYSTATION®3 and XBOX 360?


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The story is too old to be commented.