SIXAXIS: A Grand Failure on so Many Levels

This article at Gameplayer argues that the SIXAXIS motion controller can officially be deemed a failure following a rotten run of forced gameplay inclusion.

"But I felt the fact that the SIXAXIS controller, up to this point, has been a grand failure on so many levels was a point worth making ¬– so let's make it shall we?"

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Creepa at GameManx3946d ago

When the Hell is Dualshock 3 coming out!

chester3946d ago

agreed. i've held off on buying a second controller because i want the dualshock. even beyond the rumble, i'm really really looking forward to the added weight it will have.

Blankman3946d ago

dnt forget the durability. DS3 is far more durable than regular 6 axis. I have ran thru like 3 6 axis controllers. I do tend to get a little when i lose an intense game with friends so every once in a while the controller might slip from my hands but with DS3 the R2 button isnt going out of place every time this happens. I imported one for mainly this reason the rumble was off course an added bonus. I will get another one when it launches here so my friends can play too

wow4u3946d ago

" I have ran thru like 3 6 axis controllers"

What? I hope you are smashing them around the room. Wow, that's crap.

The extra weight isnt going to make the thing more durable if you behave that way... add weight and its going to smash more often.

MikeGdaGod3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

i love that Sony put the motion controls into the system. they're not useful in every game, but it's really cool when you use them correctly.

case in point.........recently my girlfriend and i were debating whether or not to get a Wii. i don't want one at all and she only wanted it for Wii Bowling. i decided to get High Velocity Bowling off the PSN and we're both hooked now. we both played Wii Bowling and agreed we liked HVB alot better. the controls really good and you can use custom music.

the motion controls and High Velocity Bowling saved me $250.

that being that i have my DS3, i never want to use the SIXAXIS again and i wish they'd hurry up and patch all the games already out.

AceLuby3945d ago

I can't wait until the DS3 hits the shelves in the US because that's when I'm gonna be perusing the used game stores in my area for CHEAP sixaxis controllers. I love how light they are, and I like how they don't have rumble (I know, I'm the only person who thinks this, but rumble is WAY overused and has stopped being a novelty for me), but I especially love how well it reacts for motion controls. Except for the poor R2L2 design (which isn't nearly as bad as the internet makes it out to be) I really like these better that any previous ones (except maybe the HUGE original xbox controllers).

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Danja3946d ago

Well the sixaxis has been put to pretty good use in a few PSN games ,and a few games so to label it a failure is ways the article was rather flat....moving on..!

ruibing3946d ago

It's not as bad as this article makes it seems. It just doesn't have rumble. I already have two SIXAXIS.

games4fun3946d ago

I have one word for that WARHAWK!! i play warhawk online with sixaxis and in fact prefer it for flying its fun and i score within the top ten and if i'm doing badly top 20 i prefer sixaxis and folklore is fun pulling out souls with it because it would have been boring to do it using a joystick

Seraphim3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Agreed... some games use SixAxis quite nicely. Flow was great, the controls in Heavenly Sword were awesome... And I loved the Ninpo attacks in Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Though somewhat trivial it beat button mashing to charge up the Ninpo attacks... Rainbow Six Vegas Snake cam was kinda cool as well... Uncharted did seem tacked on but at the same time it did in fact work and provide a different method to do the same ole trivial task of balancing across...

And lets not forget. The DS3 is technically the SixAxis DS3. And those who want one. You can either import one from or wait till this Spring once Sony releases them in the US. For the price I decided to get an import. For one White supposedly won't be available in the US. So I imported a Ceramic White for $66 to the door which is only about $12 more than I'd have payed when they're released in the US...

But as for it's use. It's just like Rumble in that it's a matter of developers using the technology properly. Even w/ Rumble it's often abused or misused in games. In some instances the SixAxis is a great addition to the controller while in others it's hinders the game. If SixAxis actually works for the game or place it's being implemented and they can program the game to utilize it correctly then great. But for the sake of tacking it on then don't even bother...

Lair was a great example of how great SixAxis can be in flying games. But it's biggest accomplishment was how badly it can work for a game when the programming isn't fine tuned enough. Lair was a game where the developers should have realized SixAxis [theirs] wouldn't work and either totally aborted it or added Analog control. At first it's easy to overlook the controls but eventually they are a huge burden and obviously flawed...

Keowrath3945d ago

don't forget Folklore. I love the use of Sixaxis in that game and it's varied boss encounters. I also love the bow and cannon levels in Heavenly Sword, I've probably played those levels more than any other. Sure the Sixaxis is no Wii-mote but there are some games that enjoy it's use.

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tweaker3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

I never really like the SIXAXIS feature anyways. It always felt like Sony added this feature one the last minute because the lack of rumble. They needed something new to name their controllers. I don't totally blame Sony though. If there wasn't the whole Immersion suing Sony crap we all would probably have DS3's on launch without the tilt feature.

But it doesn't really matter now I got two DS3's anyways. :)

Marceles3946d ago

Actually..everyone paid up on Immersion but Sony fought hehe...I'm glad they settled it though

*pats white and black DS3s*

toughNAME3946d ago

And should never have replaced rumble...

But you gotta give Sony credit for having the balls for trying something new

v1c1ous3946d ago

they kinda got the wind knocked out of them with wiimote

xplosneer3946d ago

It was really bad and an excuse for rumble. But it did have it's shining moments. flOw, Folklore, a little Motorstorm, etc. were really implemented well. The trick was it needed not to feel tacked on in the game-play a good part, not some little thing, but not so much that it's in the way.