2013 Games I’m Looking Forward To

One More Level writer talks about their most anticipated 2013 titles.

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jacksonmichael1947d ago

That's a lot of games to look forward to. I don't even think I could think up a thousand. #titlejoke

SonysOldNews1947d ago

....But because Kevin Levine is back as lead designer, I have a lot of faith in Infinite.

DigitalRaptor1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )


On topic:

Personally, I'd switch out Dead Space and Tomb Raider for Ni no Kuni and GTA V.

IvyWinter1945d ago

haha innocent typo on my part :P I swear I know his name!

sandman2241947d ago

The last of us. That's all there is to say