The Phantom Pain Trailer - Alternative Version

Alternative version of The Phantom Pain's premiere trailer with an all new audio track. Happy Holydays from Moby Dick Studio!

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Hellsvacancy1819d ago

And there I was thinking it was going to be a Lego version

MariaHelFutura1819d ago

"Lego Metal Gear Solid" would be bought by me instantly.

alexcosborn1819d ago

I just want an explanation from Kojima already!

Panthers1818d ago

Kojima makes waiting for a game excruciating... and very fun. He knows how to hype a game, thats for sure.

claud31819d ago

That makes two of us... Its awsome how quiet they are on this

j-blaze1819d ago

i like this version, the music made it better and less depressing than the original

Saleem1011819d ago

Yea metal gear for sure..

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