If next-gen games are now, then what's next?

Video games are big businesses -- and have increasing mass market appeal. But what do industry visionaries think it ahead for the smoking-hot industry?

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Capt CHAOS3651d ago

fabto-gen? Gen after gen-gen?

Even this whole 'next gen', is just a buzz word that makes me cringe. eerkk.. Even I hate to use it. Heck, I think it makes people sound arrogant and full of something when they use it.


Do PC folks talk about stuff like 'Next gen graphics', 'Next gen processors'? Thankfully not. They have more sense.

BrotherNick3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Hehe, next gen is a buzz word so you can go to your friends and act like you know stuff about games. It's a cool word that makes you feel that you're not part of something big, and that lures people in.

bootsielon3651d ago

It doesn't make sense to say the future is now. Games out now are current gen. Future games are next-gen. Current gen consoles are 360, PSP and PS3, last gen is Wii, DS, PS2, and Xbox and gamecube to some extent. Next-gen will be PS4, and Xbox 720 to some extent.

xav09713651d ago

you have next gen coming again.