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What would happen if Ubisoft bought THQ?

There are a few entities looking to get their hands on THQ and its assets, Ubisoft is one of them. Ubisoft is eager to take control over the studios and brands the publisher currently owns and I don't blame them.

THQ filed for bankrupcy a few days ago and handed over everything to an investment firm in the U.S. Ubisoft however, is looking for a bargain and are willing to wait out for THQ to arrange its current financial problems.

The titles and studios that belong to THQ, are pretty diverse. They could potentially fill in the gaps Ubisoft needs for complete dominance.Company of Heroes is a classic RTS and would definitely fill that gap up for the publishers. (Industry, THQ, Ubisoft)

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NYC_Gamer  +   484d ago
I'd take Ubisoft over EA buying THQ assets anyday
Gimmemorebubblez  +   484d ago
I'd also take Ubi over Activision or M$ anyday.
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RamsesNum1  +   484d ago
Yeah thats whats happening, Its a business war between these developers. Watch Activision stick it's nose into all of this. Publishers want a monopoly on the market. I mean we cant really tell but they might disregard some promising titles if this purchase happens. The the bidding wars begin. ;p
j-blaze  +   484d ago
i think MS should buy THQ and Insomniac

EDIT: guys i'm not joking here -__-...Sony didn't care about Insomniac, advertising was poor and their games kept performing bad sales wise, and THQ is almost dead MS should buy both for more games and support!
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SuperSonic266  +   484d ago
fossilfern  +   484d ago
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DigitalRaptor  +   484d ago
Hilarious. Insomniac's games sold well, even though they were declining, and if you think 1+ million sales is poor then you need to re-adjust your perception.

Explain to me why Microsoft should buy Insomniac when, by the same account, they "don't care" about their smaller titles like Alan Wake and Crackdown.
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r21  +   484d ago
They'd be better than EA AND Activision. Valve would be a good choice too.
RamsesNum1  +   484d ago
Yeah Valve is pretty ethical with it's business. Activision and EA are vampires when it comes to these issues
prototypeknuckles  +   484d ago
id love this, my only concern would be if they turned darksiders and saints row into assassians creed.
RamsesNum1  +   484d ago
hahahah they probably would. You be sneaking right in front of your poor enemy, and since your crouched you can be in his face and no one notices ;p
BanBrother  +   484d ago
TBH, Darksiders 2 had some issues with climbing, like getting stuck on walls, or the hookshoot (forgot deaths one) targeting t=the wrong thingy etc. It was a good game, could have been better.

While I don't really love Ubisoft by any means, they are better than the 2 big scum-bag publishers, and at least they know how to get their climbing right (Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, and pretty much every other Ubisoft game that incorporates climbing and scaling).
RuleofOne343  +   484d ago
We all come out on top & we continue to play these game on the platform we own, I say that's a win for everyone.
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WildStyles  +   484d ago
Better than Activision, EA, or Microsoft buying them. I wouldn't have a problem at all.
Everything will just become action packed and sell a lot of units on console. Also pc version of games and pc games will just die for casual gamers and will have messed up controls.
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kesvalk  +   484d ago
well, Ubi is the lesser of the evils, so i think it would be a good idea.

i mean, it's better to use Uplay to play the next THQ games than to let then disappear.

also, i want more Warhammer 40k strategy games.
KrisButtar  +   484d ago
better than EA AND Activision, my only problem i see with ubisoft is if your a pc player with their DRM. uplay is not bad for consoles for me anyways as i play the games and then get bonuses with the uplay points. while on pc that is another matter completely
porter470  +   484d ago
How? the pc has uplay points to, true on the DRM tho but they are getting better on that front
KrisButtar  +   484d ago
well, im just speaking from my experince here as i like a lot of ubisofts games, have them on the ps3 and 360 which are awesome and can be played online and offline, i imported anno 2070 and the game is unplayable offline and my gaming pc is not connected to the internet(as its in the basement). maybe im just a bit sour about anno 2070 still which is my only pc ubisoft game
stone_cold  +   484d ago
what will happen ?
the first thing wwe games will be epic
KingItachi  +   484d ago
Would not want them buying THQ assets, I can see it now the yearly Assassins creed along with Saintsrow.
Tzunoy  +   484d ago
WWE-Assassins Raw Creed.
RAYMEISTER  +   484d ago
What would happen??? Company of Heroes, one of the greatest RTS's of all times, would probably be shut down
Xer0_SiN  +   484d ago
UBI-Q (pronounced uu-bee-kyu) has a nice ring to it lol...

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