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2012 has seen some very good games, but also a lot of pretty disappointing ones. Whether a game has been a full-on disaster or not quite as impressive as we expected it to be, you'll find it on VideoGamer's list of the biggest disappointments of 2012.

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AcidKill2159d ago

PS Vita, 3DS, Hitman, ACIII..... The writer is mental!

Ezz20132158d ago

i really don't get it about vita and hitman and AC3
vita was awesome
hitman i loved every sec of it and i think it's the best hitman and the gfx on pc is just amazing
and the same thing with AC3 was my best AC game

ABizzel12158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

I agree the Vita is probably my favorite handheld of all time, but I completely agree with everything he said about what's holding it back.

Vita needs more features added, and a price drop down to $199 bundle, memory cost needs to drop 30% - 50%, and big games.

Features are a simple fix, and is being worked on now with PSMobile. However, adding an HD Android Marketplace, Amazon Market app, would instantly fix the lack of Apps the Vita needs to compete with Tablets (and Smartphone to some extent). It games better than any of them, but it doesn't multimedia with the best of them, and that needs to be fixed.

Why buy a Vita over a tablet when it can do everything the Vita does and better, except gaming and at a lower price. As I said earlier features need to be added to Vita and take that away from tablets. But tablets are getting cheaper and better every year. $199 tablets are even offering a competent gaming experience that's nearly on par with what 3DS offers as far as quality (graphics, gameplay, presentation, audio, fun factor, etc...). Look at Dead Trigger, NOVA 3, Six Gun and a few others. On top of that GPU's are already on the heels of the Vita with Tegra 4's release Vita may very well be caught. Even $99 tablets and less are actually decent now for children, so it can't sell the Vita for $250 anymore. A PSVita Bundle (1 game, 8GB) $199 price point keeps it competitive and makes the decision for buying a tablet over the Vita that much harder.

Memory. If you want us to buy games from PSN (SEN) then you can't charge use $100 for a 32GB memory card. That's insane. A 32GB microSD is $25 and less, 64GB is $50, and 128GB cards can be found for $120. Those are the sizes we need to deal with the average 2GB full retail game on PSN for PSV, with your pricing struct a 32Gb is $100, 64GB would be $200, and if you're feeling kind a 128GB would be $300. You can't do that. There's no point in going digital to try and save a $2 - $5 dollars when you have to spend $100 to get a memory card that can only hold 16 games, at the cost of having no music, no videos, no installs, no updates, no apps, etc... You gotta cut the price of the memory by 50% and get larger cards out there.

ABizzel12158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Finally games. The Vita has had an amazing year of games, and only people who don't own a Vita or PS+ will say otherwise. Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout, Gravity Rush, Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation (screw him), PlayStation Allstars, and Little Big Planet Vita are all great exclusives (PS exclusives). On top of that there are some great remakes / ports for the Vita as well like Persona 4 Golden, Rayman Origins, Ninja Gaiden Sigma+ (although ported too many times), and EVERY FIGHTING GAME have been great on the Vita as well. Through in some great PSN support from Sound Shapes, Mutant Blob games, Sumioni, Motorstorm RC, and more, and you have a very solid library of games that NO ONE CAN SAY IS UNDERWHELMING. That being siad there's no killer app there. COD was suppose to be the shooter for the Vita, but we all know Activision screwed Sony over, and Sony pushed the game out instead of saving it for 2013. But thankfully 2013 is their year to fix everything that's wrong with the Vita. Easy way to boost Vita sales.... GT5 Vita, GTA Vita, Monster Hunter Vita, Metal Gear Vita, true Fifa Vita, a true COD Vita, Killzone Mercenaries & Tearaway to show what the Vita can really do (performance-wise and creative-wise), more 1st party franchises, PSMobile overhaul, more Crossbuy & Crossplay, new IP's, and continued Vita ports. There was a leak regarding a bunch of games that were being made for all consoles, and Vita (along with Wii-U) were sitting pretty on that list. Make it happen.

The Vita is probably my favorite handheld of all time as far as the hardware goes, but it's overall pricing & competition from tablets is what's holding it back.

That being said as gamers we're being greedy and wanting everything right now. But the truth of the matter is the average gamer buy 6 games per year. Most of us here probably have at least a PS3 and a PSVita (or looking into one) if we're commenting on the Vita section. So let's say the average PS gamer buys 6 PS3 games and 3 Vita games. What's the point of these developers making all these games launch in one year, knowing there's a good chance their game won't get bought but rented. You can't expect tons of games if you aren't buying the ones you like, but renting or waiting for PS+ to get them. PS+ has some great games for Vita on there right now, so if you can find a Vita with the right price pick it up, get PS+, and buy whatever games PS+ doesn't offer. If developers see games are being bought then they will develop versions of the big IP's we want. If we're not buying games then they're not going to make them. So keep that in mind as well.

MasterCornholio2158d ago

I dont own a Wii U but when i tried it out in the store i found the build quality of the controller to be very disappointing. I was expecting something more solid instead i found a cheap feeling glossy plastic controller.

I was also extremely disappointing in how Assasins Creed turned out on the Vita and Halo 4 (which i played at a friends house) was pretty disappointing as well. I enjoyed Halo a lot more when Bungie made it.

rpd1232158d ago

Liberation was alright. Definitely incredible for a handheld, but the gimmicks and glitches took away from the experience. I think Halo 4 was amazing. The multiplayer is great and I think 343 did an awesome job on the game overall. Can't comment on the Wii U really. The only times I've tried to use it in store, it wouldn't let me play any of the demos on there. But I see what you're saying with the controller.

jjb19812158d ago

Halo 4 is awesome! You must be a COD noobtuber


^with or without sixth axis..?

KongRudi2158d ago

The Vita device and especially the software wich has come, isn't a dissapointment for me personally.
The quality of games is very high, with very few exceptions.

Gamers who don't buy this fantastic device have dissapointed me much more, especially since it's often packied in with PSN+, and members get roughly 100$ worth of games in your instant game collection, in games I would assume most people want for the device anyway, a new Uncharted-entry and Gravity Rush.

The proffesional gaming-media also have been disspointing.
Unless it's a game from EA or Activision and in a allready known franchise, it don't get much coverage.
As a owner, I'd love to get some reviews and information on upcoming franchises, and the AA-games, aswell. :-/
But I need to go to hobby-sites to read about them.

Sizzon2158d ago

Sony could have done so much more this year with the Vita, not just use their memory cards, should have promoted it more etc.

Sony wanted it to sell 10 million by the end of this year, when it's almost at the 4 million mark.

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