Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance Japanese Box-Art Revealed

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has received official box art for Japan, courtesy of Konami. Check it out below.

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strange19861586d ago

That's way cooler than the North American version. Oh well.

Crazyglues1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Yes... OMG! that's much better then the box art we got... wow.. sad.

It's a matter of opinion but I like this one much more then the U.S. version.

Looks Awesome..


Xklaw1586d ago

Is it me or there´s a reflection of Snake (mgs1) and Gray Fox on the blade? Also, i liked the US box-art better. I´m hoping that the european is equally cool.

Crystallis1586d ago

Didn't even noticed that...good eye. If those two make an appearance in the game I'm going to go nuts.

Xklaw1586d ago

If those 2 appear in the game, everybody is going nuts... But as far as i know, there´s a confirmed skin for gray fox.

AznGaara1586d ago

Always love how different the box arts are for different regions. This is very "classy"

Chuk51586d ago

Teo general rules of thumb:

The japanese title and boxart of games are usually far better than the american or european titles or boxarts.

Crystallis1586d ago

this is true, but I always wondered why though?

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