Developers imagine how Nintendo’s games could play on Wii U

Developers weigh in on how Nintendo's best games could be made better with the Wii U's GamePad.

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Lifeequals421947d ago

Not a huge fan but we'll see what developers can do.

NagaSotuva1947d ago

I keep forgetting Nintendo released a new console.

Venox20081947d ago

need to stop smoking :D

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wita1947d ago

@chillhomie I'm not exactly sure -- I'm not a game designer! But I do know that I want to *want* to use the GamePad, not just the regular controllers. I don't with NSMBU whereas I do with Nintendo Land because it enhances the game and makes the GamePad a core part of the experience. Sure, placing blocks in NSMBU can occasionally be fun, especially in the challenge modes. But it's a minimal accessory to the experience. It's not really built around the GamePad.

As much as I love classic-style Mario, Nintendo is always about moving forward, whether people want to or not. I want to see an innovative Mario, not just the same old gameplay.

cherbhy1947d ago

clever article idea, but too little content. a future installment with more developers could be a hit.

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