Hawken’s open beta shows a thoughtfully designed mech combat game (preview) | GamesBeat

But can Hawken's amazing attention to detail, capturing the weighty power of a multi-ton war machine, carry it through the pitfalls of free-to-play game design?

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Gungnir1950d ago

Shame that it seems like it's going to be such a grind for an otherwise good game.

dirthurts1950d ago

Unless you pony up that cash money.
Free to play, that's how they earn their money.

TukkerIntensity1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

This really doesn't make sense. It's a MP only game - you play the's not a grind. You aren't killing dumb 1000 mobs for xp. You just play and level up. You aren't outclassed by a level 20+ player in terms of tech either - you can hang with them. They beat you because of skill and knowledge, not gadgets and upgrades. The game is good - I have a hard time calling it a mech game. It's really more an FPS with robots than an actual mech game (i.e. no torso turning, you can't really take much damanage (doesn't feel like giant robots slugging it out), you can't take out weapons / limbs, etc.) but it is still a lot of fun the F2P model they have going seems very NON Pay 2 Win.

The_Klank1950d ago

Its very fun from what I've played, still need to dig deeper into it. The F2P model they use doesn't seem to intrusive.