Portal 2 Confirmed on X-Play

On tonight's episode of X-Play, lead designer for Portal, Kimberly Swift, confirmed that there will be a Portal 2. This is pretty much a given as Doug Lombardi, Valve's Director of Marketing, had previously stated that "more Portal is definitely on the way." However, until now no one was sure if this would be in the form of a direct sequel or possibly downloadable content. Well, now we know. Check out the video for the confirmation.

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Kausdt3800d ago

Yeah, she is doing science and sure is still alive.

solar3800d ago

awesome. my clan mates will be stoked. as am i.

ikiru33853800d ago

POrtal 2? here's hoping that valve will do a better job porting it over to the ps3

Dave20013800d ago

There won't be a PS3 version.

ar3800d ago

I'm surprised you're still allowed to post in the gamer zone.

Fishy Fingers3800d ago

Valve always said if it was popular they would continue producing it. Im chuffed to because i absolutely love it. Best thing in the Orange Box.

DarkShoud3800d ago

In interviews theres already confirmed that theres coming DLC for Portal. This is pure false info.

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