Metro: Last Light - New Screenshots & possible release date spotted

THQ today send out new Screenshots of Metro: Last Light. There is also a new possible released date revealed by Amazon.

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claud31618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

with all that's happening is it still possible for this to come out

Genuine-User1618d ago

Yep. They cleared that already.

RuleofOne343 1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

(Maybe a Rumor but a rumor is better than no rumor)
Am looking forward to this game now that theirs news of Ubisoft looking to acquire a few of THQ studios & a good bunch of their IP. All I will say is go Ubisoft.

WetN00dle691618d ago

Here is hoping the releases of Saints Row 4(Work in Progress) and Metro dont get affected!

JohnApocalypse1618d ago

Same day as God of War. Just like the last game

Plagasx1618d ago

I really hope I can play this 60fps maxed out on my PC...

Muffins12231618d ago

gtx680?It wont,even the last one before this metro,the gtx680 only got 40 to 60(in some areas) fps...i dont see it or its competitor Radeon something to get 60fps...a gtx690 could pull it off though.

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