Hideo Kojima hints at new trailer cutting soon

Hideo Kojima suggests he's been editing a trailer, but for what game and are we likely to see it. Apparently it's "cutting soon".


New remixed audio trailer released : could this have been what he was working on. If so, then it goes against the Joakim Mogren character.

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Lionalliance1949d ago

Wasn't there suppose to be MGS news in Famitsu this week?

Soldierone1949d ago

They did, it was a full feature spread on Revengeance. lol

Vandamme211949d ago

The phantom pain...aka mgs5

Welshy1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I'm a huge MGS fan and would kill for MGS5, but i think it's just way too close to be that.

MG:Rising releasing next year, MGS: Ground Zeroes being teased as "current gen" and then an MGS5 announcement?

Even for me that's MGS overload and business suicide on Konami's part.

I'm thinking more along the lines of a viral ad for Ground Zeroes based on potential night terrors Big Boss suffers, or it's a Big Boss spin-off for the Vita. Most likely the MGS: GZ viral ad thing though.

Edit: Loving all the MGS avatars that the comments have been bringing. Loyal MGS fanbase at it's finest =P

Soldierone1949d ago

I don't think you need to read into this. "Cutting soon" Its revengeance....

patriotZero1949d ago

Survival horror tactical espionage action phantom pain Vita exclusive

Tzuno1949d ago

God damn this Kojima san has only mgs in his head?

Welshy1949d ago

And? He makes the best stealth action games in the world, why does he have to deviate elsewhere? Do you think he isn't an adequate developer because he hasn't made racers and platformers too?

Ferrari make some of the finest sports cars in the world, you don't see people going "pffft... Ferari aren't really good at all... the crerators haven't proven themselves as curtain manufacturers yet".

It's human nature, you find what you are good at, and stick by it.

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