Guardians of Middle Earth - First impressions

We look at the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena to hit consoles as I give my first impression on whether this MOBA can really make it on consoles.

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HanCilliers1761d ago

LOTR was one of the most significant movies of our time, hope the game does it justice

Choc_Salties1761d ago

wait, what a LOTR game for console?? is there no end in sight for milking this franchise?

PandaMcBearface1761d ago

If this game ruins LOTR for me, people are going to get cut. I need more than pretty graphics (although they are rather pretty).

jmac531760d ago

The game is good, it's just the server issues are horrible. But that's to be expected since it's a Monolith game. Gotham Imposters had the same issue months after release.