WarZ Developers Supposedly Worked on BLOPS and BLOPS 2

Accelerated Ideas writes: "The WarZ fan rage continues today following the embarrassing cock up from Hammer Interactive. The latest victim is Hammer Interactive’s Wikipedia page which was taken offline due to vandalism - presumably by fans. Don’t worry though, you can still find the official Hammer website where you’ll be impressed by references to 'industry veterans' and decades of development experience. They've also worked on BLOPS and BLOPS 2."

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N4GGamer1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

That doesn't surprise me! Although you can't believe anything those devs say.

MsDevil1979d ago

As much as i hate COD, it's hard to believe they went anywhere near it!

wallis1979d ago

Yeah at least CoD is a product and not a total scam. This is like comparing one of those rip off films like battle of Los Angeles or alien vs hunter to an actual AAA blockbuster like jack reacher. No matter what you're opinions are on the latter the former is still the absolute worst.