If Xenoblade were on a HD Console, it Would a Serious Contender for Game of The Year.

By Furious Francis, editor in chief
Xenoblade was one of the best games released this year period. Boasting a heavy 92 average on metacritic with countless perfect review scores, Xenoblade was the best JRPG to come out this generation. But many US gaming publications are leaving it off of their overall game of the year considerations (Gametrailers, IGN, GameInformer, to name a few), instead opting to crown it Wii/Wii U game of the year. In other words, a cop out. Xenoblade deserves to be in every ballot for game of the year, what Monolith Soft did with the ancient Wii hardware was nothing short of a miracle. The Wii was not liked by many gaming outlets, the shunning of Xenoblade in Game of the year results has me to believe Xenoblade is getting the shaft because it's on the Wii. If Xenoblade was on the PS3 or 360, do you think it would have received more overall Game of the Year nominations?

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HarryMasonHerpderp1982d ago

I really didn't think it was that great to be honest.
I loathed the voice acting REYN TIME and the graphics were awful.
I enjoyed the gameplay though and the open world was cool.
People claiming it's the best RPG this gen though are sadly mistaken.

Neonridr1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

A lot of the gaming sites out there have awarded this game 9's or higher and say it's one of the best games on the Wii. Why shouldn't it be considered for Game of the Year?? The review scores back up that argument right there.

But because you didn't like it we must all be mistaken??

You can come down off your high horse anytime now..

HarryMasonHerpderp1982d ago

Never said it wasn't game of the year worthy.

Never said any reviews were wrong.

Never said I was better than anyone else.

Pretty sure my comment starts off with I really think...
You know? something called an opinion?

Neonridr1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

"People claiming it's the best RPG this gen though are sadly mistaken."

First off, nobody said it was the best RPG this gen, but sites are claiming it is one of the best RPG's this year.

I understand it is only your opinion and I respect that, but making a statement that says if anyone thinks this is one of the greatest RPG's is wrong takes it from being an opinion and turns it into an insult.

I wasn't trying to be rude to you on my first comment, so I apologize for it coming across like that.

HarryMasonHerpderp1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

My entire comment was meant in my own opinion.
I've seen many people claiming it to be the best RPG this gen and "in my opinion" they are wrong.
I wasn't trying to state it as a fact nor insult anybody here.
If you enjoy the game then great good for you.

"I wasn't trying to insult you on my first comment"

Well okay then. I wasn't trying to insult Xenoblade fans lol after all I do think it's a good game.

edit: Apology excepted =)

Gamer19821982d ago

It probably would be a contender though and it made a massive mistake being on a console which RPG enthusiasts do not buy for there RPG's.

Nerdmaster1982d ago

If you had stopped your comment before "People claiming it's the best RPG this gen though are sadly mistaken", I would've defended you against Neonridr. People here in N4G can't stand to see other people stating their opinion if it differs from theirs.

Like, if you say "I like blue", people here will say "do you think that because you like blue nobody can like red?", "oh, so because you like blue, it's the best color of them all?", "stop being a snob and saying that everybody has to think like you" and whatnot.

But in this last phrase of yours, unfortunately you are actually saying that everybody is wrong just because you have a different opinion. You could've said "I don't agree with them", "I think there are better games", or things like these, but saying that people's opinions are wrong just make you really look like a snob.

Oh_Yeah1982d ago

Best rpg? This game gets trumped by fallout, borderlands, skyrim and dark souls.. Easy.

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Baylex1982d ago

I played it on my wii but I liked more of The Last Story!!
No doubt best RPG of the year The Last Story..

RAFFwaff1982d ago

Xenoblade is a game with that unique quality- heart. It wears its heart on its sleeve and after playing for a few hours you see past the wii graphical limitations and are transported to the most gorgeous awe-inspiring world. I have Skyrim, Skyward Sword and Farcry 3. But 150hrs and counting spent with Xenoblade and there's only one game world I'd move to in a heartbeat. Hardcore gamers may laugh, haters will hate, but for me there is no other recent game packed with so much heart, creative vision and sheer scope given the hardware as in Xenoblade Chronicles.

madjedi1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

"Hardcore gamers may laugh, haters will hate" And that just shot any merit people might give your opinion about the game to pieces. Solely for being a jackass.

You can state what makes a game so special without the cliche attacking people bs.

If your audience is jrpg/rpg gamers, since that is really the only type that would even be here. That was a useless slight against hd gamers, and makes you look like a new nintendo trolls alt account.

ElectricKaibutsu1982d ago

Whoa, bit of an over reaction? Does the Wii get a lot of love from hardcore gamers now?

Raff's comment sounded sincere to me and I certainly wasn't offended, even though I consider myself a hardcore gamer with zero interest in this game.

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