Earth Defense Force 4 gets a 3 minute gameplay footage

GC: We have some stunning new footage from Earth Defense Force 4 for you.

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Godmars2902184d ago

That actually looks half decent.

Sp1d3ynut2184d ago

Yes it does...which means it also looks half bad.

It actually looks exactly like the last game, which only came out a year ago.

PS4isKing_822184d ago

I remember playing the first one that came to America I think years ago on the 360. Played it on co op with my brothers. It was very enjoyable. Now I need to the get the one for ps3 last year and experience it again. We need more games like this from Japan. I hope next gen they stop trying to westernize everything that made their games so unique years ago. I miss my epic Japan games that I grew up with on ps1 and ps2.

first1NFANTRY2184d ago

that's one giant mofo of a spider. i dislike spiders

2184d ago