Don’t Look Now, But People Are Talking About Mother/Earthbound Remakes/Re-Releases

Series creator Shigesato Itoi posts tweet discussing recent developments that point to a possible re-release/remake in store for the Mother series.

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RFornillos41945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

i'm not sure this can be considered a "rumour" when there's confirmation from the creator himself, that they're already making a progress on it.

3-4-51945d ago

Never played one of the games but I've always like the music and art style of the games.

I hope they do a re-make or a brand new game in the series.

I've only played as Ness via Smash Brothers.

adorie1945d ago

If this is true? I will destroy my city out of excitement. The energy within me would pulsate until my shell could not contain it anymore.

I must seek out every avenue containing information about this topic.

DivineAssault 1945d ago

Hope it turns out well... Nintendo has some great franchises that need to be revived or rebooted.. Make a T or M rated title & watch how ppl flock over to their master craftsmanship..

ayabrea931945d ago

oh how I long to play an earthbound game. make it happen Nintendo :)

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The story is too old to be commented.