Tomb Raider Will Not Be “Better” than Uncharted

PSUni: "The word is out: Lara Croft is apparently going to have a better game than Nathan Drake. The genius predictors cite things like her games originally innovating the genre itself and the beautiful new game she is set to star in, simply titled Tomb Raider, as proof of her triumphant return and domination of the witty protagonist from Sony’s blockbuster exclusive this generation. We agree with everything these people are saying…except for when they say it will be objectively “better” than Uncharted. Of course, just like this theory we're arguing against, this is simply one lone opinion. However, we hope that after reading this, you might see things a bit differently.

We have decided to break down this article into different arguments that people make for why Tomb Raider will be better and answer each of them individually."

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rbailey1946d ago

Interesting article right here. I'll definitely enjoy both but I have a feeling I'll enjoy Tomb Raider ALOT More in 2013 lol

Ezz20131946d ago

PPL seem like they didn't get what you are saying
what better than looking at Lara Fine A$$ while playing the game lolXD

TheLyonKing1946d ago

It is hard to compete with developers like naughty dog who have had years of experience in the industry I have every faith in SE and Edios that they will make a brilliant game but it just wont be as good as Uncharted.

Imalwaysright1945d ago

?? CD was founded in 1992.

wishingW3L1946d ago

it's too obvious not gonna happen.

wishingW3L1945d ago

I was wrong. I just lost all faith in the N4G user-base.

EdgarNygma1945d ago

you mean inb4 ppl agreeing in droves?

Y_51501946d ago

After this game. Crystal Dynamics should go back to making Gex games. All they been making in the past around 6 years is Tomb Raider!

iNcRiMiNaTi1946d ago

Gex would be cool but I'd rather see them doing something with the Legacy of Kain franchise

TheLastGuardian1945d ago

I'd be all over a new Gex. Crystal Dynamics should make a new Pandemonium as well.