Help Capcom choose their next digital releases

"Want to see more Monster Hunter, Breath of Fire or some other more or less famous Capcom franchise? Now is your chance as Capcom wants you to get involved in their decision making process by giving you the chance to let them know what you want them to do with their digital game space.

All you have to do is fill out a short survey to give Capcom a better feel about your buying habits and which of its franchises you want to see get digital releases.

Capcom doesn’t guarantee anything with the outcome of this survey, but they will factor in all the feedback they receive in their final decision, so make sure you let your voice be heard so you can keep seeing future releases of your beloved franchises."

- Allain Richard

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wishingW3L1953d ago

I voted for a new Megaman X and Strider game in 2D, now do it Capcom!

Yi-Long1953d ago

... how long do we have to keep waitin!?!?

andibandit1953d ago

I voted none of the options, and specified Resident Evil 7 in the "Additional info" box.

Godmars2901953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Yeah, I did the damn survey.

Even though Capcom will likely end up kicking fans in the balls again.

Know for sure I want to see 2D sprites not 3D renders of 2D graphics.

Pozzle1953d ago

I did the survey, even though I doubt I'll ever see a port/remake of Dino Crisis any time soon...if at all. :(

vork771953d ago

i will help then run the company into the ground and make them sell there franchisees to company's that can save them

1953d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.