Capcom needs your input

Ok guys, Capcom is putting out a survey to the public to see what you guys think about what Capcom should be doing in the digital game space (not retail).

Obviously, Capcom has many opinions internally and Capcom's looking to gather some data about your buying habits and what franchises and even title types, you'd like Capcom to make in the future.

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wishingW3L1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

This is the time to speak, bring back Mega Man!

RmanX10001854d ago

As long as Legends returns, i dont care.

UnSelf1853d ago

Make a viewtiful joe 3 like u promised at the end of 2!!!

Okami 2

And a REAL mvc3 wit the original controls, original system, more characters, more specials and new redrawn sprites smfh

Winter47th1853d ago

"Capcom needs your input"

Go FUCK yourselves.

AWBrawler1853d ago

They did make a Joe 3. It was on DS and it clearly takes place after part 2. I loved it.

dkeat1852d ago

Mega Man X2 I thought was a sequel.

R6ex1852d ago

Bionic Commando was great!

MaxXAttaxX1851d ago

I meant a sequel in the Mega Man X series.

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doogiebear1853d ago

All i voted for is Mega Man and Breath of Fire


if i were to write my suggestion into this survey, i would be convicted in all crimes the law has to offer.

Oh_Yeah1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Bring back power stone! Shoot power stone 1 and 2 are still more fun than any fighter I've played this gen and I've played most of them.. I could only imagine a sequel with updated mechanics and graphics.

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-MD-1853d ago

It's depressing that the Dino Crisis section only had "port 1,2 and 3 to new platforms". Nothing about a new entry.

Tdmd1853d ago

Or, at least a remake... I loved those games, but I can't go back to those graphics.

aDDicteD1853d ago

your right i liked the first dino crisis, it has the old survival horror plus dino's. there was also some scenario's that's kinda like telltale's the walking dead when you will choose an outcome that will change the flow of the scene's which was nice and new during the ps1 era. part 2 was ok and i havent tried 3 cause i didn't like what they were heading. it definitely needs a reboot/remake.

Tzuno1853d ago

2d games like hell. bring them on.

guitarded771853d ago

Capcom needs input in the digital game space...

My input == Stop DLC gouging. I'd also like to see complete HD rebuilds of the original Mega Man games. No changes to gameplay, just paint them up pretty with the option to switch back to original graphics like the Halo CE remake got.

KrisButtar1853d ago

you took the words right outta my mouth

TenkoTAiLS1852d ago

They could always build on the "Powered Up" and "Maverick Hunter" series. They would be good candidates for download only games. They would look nice and vivid in HD too.

Hufandpuf1853d ago

Very thorough survey. I want new Street Fighter.

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The story is too old to be commented.